Does anyone have a go-to recipe?

  • Rentlar
    1 year ago

    When I was in university I made my own creation: Poor Man’s Tuna Casserole. I’m a terrible and lazy chef.

    Step 1: Make a batch of Mac-n-Cheese (KD or offbrand KD if you’re Canadian).

    Step 2: Add a can of tuna (or a portion of a can if you are poor 😉)

    Bon appetit!

    • Mac and cheese is such a great base for meals! We do the same, and sometimes with burger. We often add peas to the tuna version, and onion to the burger version.

      This is a really great suggestion! Once you have the mac & cheese, you can create a bunch of different dishes!

      Also, my wife can’t have dairy, and we found a fantastic vegan mac & cheese by a company called Daiya. In our opinion, they’ve got the best-tasting dairy substitutes. They have a vegan cheddar cheese sauce and an alfredo sauce that’s really good, and also make standard mac & cheese boxes for quick-and-easy.

      Americans tend to think if mac & cheese as unhealthy comfort food, but it’s a great basis for a variety of dishes.

      +1 on your suggestion!