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  • Hahaha wow! That’s your comment about this? Incredible!!!

    Sure, if someone writes something on the internet that some business owner somewhere doesn’t like, lets just torture them. Makes total sense!

    In case you are actually this dumb: Her comment was a so called hyperbole. People like using these, often for humor reasons, especially on the internet and sometimes they are used to clarify something that’s actually subtle. Nobody reading that comment actually thinks that she seriously means people would get killed by that stuff. And if they would, she should still be allowed to express what she thinks on the internet.

  • I’d say at 1000 lines it usually makes sense to extract some parts into other files. But sure, I guess most obscurities have positive aspects. On the other hand, nothing is stopping you from writing a separate file with only function signatures next to your python scripts. It’s just not required, because why would it ;)