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  • Thanks Sagifurious, this person knows his trucks. But provides little to the conversation with their straw man fallacies, and troll like rebuttals.

    A great example of a blockable account.

    Look at this users profile, review their post contribution. Click the three dots to open the actions, and select block this user.

    Blocking doesn’t happen instantly because of cached data in your browser, but it is very effective.

    And that’s how we keep this space enjoyable to use.

  • I’m not quite sure what your hang-up is? Is it the word slave? If that is it, then the employees of Amazon are the wage-slaves that deserve due credit. Where as I might consider myself a slave in the sense that I find myself answering to their bidding.

    • Jack up rates, yes master.
    • Interrupt us with ads, sure go ahead master
    • disrupting buying patterns, always you master

    My sense of freedom from Amazon is not up for debate.

    So what is your @[email protected] relationship with Amazon?

  • A few things

    • Amazon years their employees like shit. Pay and treat them properly. Our gadget for $20 less than we can get from another store is subsidized by those workers.

    • the commercials on Prime video. I specifically pay to watch shows, and not be interrupted and pitched dish soap. That was the deal

    • removing the option of prime delivery will mean I will source my options more fairly to local sellers

    In the end, I feel less dirty by not having that option. In the long run, will Amazon serve me better? The enshitification of the internet has taught me the answer will be no.

  • willybetoLinux@lemmy.mlIs anyone using awk?
    7 months ago

    I used awk to migrate users from one system to another. I created template scripts for setting up the user in the new system, I dumped the data from the old system, then used awk to process the dump and create scripts for each user in the new system. That was a fun project.