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    Why should this even matter? Every android has a proprietary parts of code that need to be included even in custom roms. In case of ios devices, the entire OS is proprietary. I would much rather use a Chinese android phone with an unlocked bootloader than an american iphone.

  • Yeesh, imagine getting this mad because of a post about a messenger. I hate explaining memes because it ruins them, but I guess I have no choice.

    When most people hear about Threema, they believe that 5€ is way too much to pay for a messenger. Some realize that 5€ is not that bad, but without a continuous stream of money, a service like this will cease to exist once it runs out of money, so it’s better to avoid it. And if they read the entire website, and discover that the company is actually providing messaging solutions used by a lot of companies who pay them monthly, for each of their employees, it becomes clear where the money is coming from, and that the company won’t go bankrupt anytime soon.

    That’s the meme. If you don’t like it, I understand. But you can fuck right off with calling everything that mentions a name of an app/service as an ad. I made memes in the past mentioning open source chat apps, and nobody ever called it an ad.

  • As a fellow Ubuntu user, I think there are distros that are technically superior. But at some point I just got tired of chasing the best option. I just want an operating system that works on all devices I install it to, and that listens to my commands. Ubuntu does that just fine. I love what they’ve done with GNOME, its ram usage is minimal (1.4GB), apps launch fast, snap is nicer to use than flatpak (which I can install with a single command), and if I wanted to I can stick to an LTS for up to 12 years.