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  • Tbh it’s worse than fallout. In fallout you didn’t have loading screens every 15 minutes. Going from planet to planet is just a loading screen after loading screen and some additional meaningless steps like “get out of spaceship”. It’s a Bethesda game but with worse exploration mechanics. But now we know what fallout/tes in space from bethesda is gonna be like.

    Otherwise it’s decent. Mind you I haven’t gotten far but story is kind of interesting, side stories(the larger ones) as well. I think they did a good job with lore. Can’t say anything against shooty combat, don’t know about melee.

    I just wish there was less garbage to pick up. In a game where you can gather materials for crafting and projects etc, where you are in a room with 20 object you can take but just 2 of them are not trash it’s tiresome

  • It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t upgrade my a14 air to m1.
    I would love to be able to have a laptop for some light programming when I travel occasionally. But I don’t NEED a laptop on day to day basis.
    I use my iPad every day, it’s light, it got a pen, I can take it anywhere.
    MacBook or any other laptop would just sit and collect dust, I have a pc for those needs.

  • Jesus Christ. I don’t watch tech YouTube anymore, I just come back when I need to buy a pc part or something. Back when I did, Linus seemed like a guy with integrity, I guess I was wrong.

    It first started with buying stock or w/e in that laptop company and stating that he personally won’t review their or anyone else’s laptops. But it didn’t matter, even back then. You and your wife are sole owners of media outlet that would review those laptops. You gotta pull out of that part or not invest.

    And now all of the things Steve said. Cross brand promotions, not giving a fuck about their tests accuracy, constant errors.
    But to me the most egregious thing is always Linus reaction. Condescending, hostile, with superiority starting with “uh, eh guuuuuuuyyyys, I can’t….” When he thinks of any arguments followed by doubling down either by “I’m experienced” or “it costs ME money to be accurate”. Like, bitch I don’t give a fuck, it’s your job to give accurate, trustworthy information. And Luke just sits there like a Linuses bitch he is.

    And the waterblock cooler example is so infuriating. He tested a prototype, on a card that the makers said they don’t know if it would work, and shat on it. Would he use i don’t care know, cooler made for am4 board on intel whatever their socket name is? (One that doesn’t have adapters or something)

    He either was always like that but didn’t have enough clout to act like it or money really changes a man. Guy is no longer the “buddy fellow tech nerd guy” he still would like ppl to see him as. But his fanboys won’t see the truth and it will always stay like this

  • Jesus christ what are they thinking? They nerfed the damage AND defense across the board, they nerfed CC immunity, amount of aspects that gets added is laughable, some malignant hearts are trash, but all of them take jewelery slot(imo they should’ve added slot to jewelery to accomodate this). Add to that the reports people make that world tiers are level locked and you cannot unlock them even if you do capstone dung under leveled.

    ON TOP OF THAT they did not implement any QoL changes. Even something as simple as “refund all” for paragon board so we can try different builds easier. I don’t even care about gold cost of these.

    I originally played druid, got him to 82, tried both storm wolf and pulv bear builds. I wanted to try sorc if they buffed him a bit in the season, if not then Necro. Now? Now I’m not sure if I’m gonna play this season. Maybe a bit until BG3 comes out because I have nothing to play, but even that is uncertain