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  • WebOS really was so hard ahead of its time. A card based interface, gesture-based navigation, unified and always online email and account systems. There were many things WebOS did that we take for granted now, yet they did it no less than 5 years before Android or iOS. Really it was just the Palm Pre’s hardware (I had a Palm Pre Plus) that held it back. Some aspects of it were already a bit dated, even in 2010.

  • Neo-Launcher is still being worked on, they are expecting to push version 1.0 later this year to GitHub, but progress has been steady from what I know. You can get the latest beta version of Neo-Launcher from their Telegram to try out. Don’t let the “beta” part turn you off, it’s basically production ready, I’ve been using it now as my launcher for well over a year, possibly even 2 at this point.