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aside from that, i wish people would move to pixelfed. it literally is just like instagram, the interface is wonderful. :(

Illinois. Zero surprise. I’ve spent ages trying to find a mental hospital that doesn’t have poor reviews in Illinois. There are none (that take Medicaid)

for the most part you’re right, but i feel like, at least online, people were so much nicer during the 2000s and early 10s. people seem downright vicious these days.

like. i come online to chill. the world is a dumpster fire. i’m here to get away from that for a bit. why are you (you referring to the aggressive people) here?

maybe it makes them feel better. all i can say to them, as someone who has been voluntarily hospitalized for homicidal ideation and is disabled due to rage issues and STILL manages to be kind and civil most of the time - get help maybe? idk? what is so joyful about getting a rise out of people? there’s so much more to life?


apologies if i’m repeating myself, but sadly, i feel like most people are aggressive these days.

I notice some of the hardcore leftists on the fediverse seem mean. Makes me anxious, especially as someone who has a lot to learn.

Might be worth a try.

Kagi is tolerable so far. I’m currently trying metager.org out.

Metager limits you, so perhaps I’ll alternate between Kagi, Metager, and Whoogle?

disappointed that I didn’t see my sweet Sansa on there </3

also disappointed that ipods are going away when dankpods made people want them again… tim apple!!! >:(

this sounds interesting… but any idea how this compares to whoogle?

but in small numbers, it seems. i’ve been BEGGING my facebook friends to leave facebook and i provide alternatives… just crickets.

i’m tired of facebook. for some reason my main facebook is entirely glitched so i can only log in in one town. i get locked out for “security reasons” if i’m out of town. accurately answering security questions does not get me back in.

i was literally in my hometown - which i spent four years on on facebook, at least, and it’s literally listed as my hometown in my profile - and i was locked out of my facebook.

tired of this. just move to freaking friendca. what’s so special about facebook? ads? that they spy on you? facebook jail no matter your political views? anyone refusing to at least try to leave that site is a fool.

didn’t a ton of people move to mastodon?

i’m not in the loop. the obvious solution would be people ditching twitter, but they probably won’t (i imagine the amount that moved to mastodon is small).

people hate facebook and yet they refuse to leave, when several viable alternatives exist. it sucks.

[Image description: a close-up of a robotic bee standing on a plant, with a blurry green background. End image description.] (sauce: [Bee robotic: Walmart files patents on automating agriculture](https://internetofbusiness.com/walmart-files-patent-autonomous-bees/))

What made you decide to join Beehaw?
I'm just bored and exploring the web. I've also taken more of an interest in privacy and open-sourced/decentralized projects. I hope that the more active these projects become, the more interest they will get, and people will leave sites like Facebook and whatnot. I want these projects to succeed :)