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Sadly we have no control over that, usually it takes 3-7 days

This is for Lemmy only right?

Do you mean lemmur only? If so then yes, these translations are for lemmur.

while Lemmur is missing many stuff.

Do you mean anything specific? As far as I can see all lemmur strings are synced up with Lemmy ones (of course we are using only a subset of Lemmy strings, so perhaps this is what you are refering to)

It was released yesterday, so within a week it should be on fdroid as well :)

Like said, let me know which version you are using.

Hmm, I added it successfully without any issues. Was it working on 0.7.0 for you?

This release includes support for lemmy v0.15.0 and lemmur is finally translation-ready! …


New lemmy version had breaking changes, we will release today a new version supporting it

Sounds like a good feature, will be easier to implement once we have “linkable comments”, meaning we are able to link to/scroll to a specific comment on a post. Materialized it into a feature request:

We definitely want the instances experience to be as seamless as possible, so this sounds like a good idea

This is a good place to request features :) We have it planned, and it is within the NLnet scope:

Update: flutter released a new version with a fix, so our next release should get rid of this bug

If possible open an issue on GitHub with details. If not, could you send me the details in a message/here? Version/instance/logs would be very helpful. (You can find logs in settings > about lemmur > logs)

We have not changed anything bandwidth related in 0.7.0, did you experience the same problem with 0.6.0?

As to it being slow, could you give some concrete examples? It would help us in fixing them.

Absolutely amazing! Thank you,, and all contributors for this incredible technical feat! This is very promising and I hope to see Lemmy rise to the top :D I’m honored to be involved in this project

This feature will be part of the ‘live updates’ feature listed in the NLnet milestones, so will definitely get to it

Please check my comment above. It’s not that lemmur can’t handle it, we just don’t alter your password. Sorry for exposing your old password length :P

Please check this thread:

This is a bug in lemmy where it will trim your password to 60chars without telling you. We don’t do any trimming hence it rejects your credentials.

So if any of you have a password longer than 60 chars, FYI your actual password is only the first 60 chars

In this release we have done quite a bit of internal refactoring which will hopefully result in a more stable and consistent experience as well as help us implement new features faster. …


Sadly we have not yet set up any translations server. So currently we cannot accept help.

Please log out and log back in on instances using Lemmy 0.13.0

Lemmy 0.13.0 invalidated all authentication tokens meaning your current account will cause infinite spinners in lemmur. This has showed us that we should improve invalid auth handling, hence I have created a report for that:


Whiteboard recommendations? (or alternatives)

When solving problems (math/computer science) I often scribble on some random sheets of paper to visualize my ideas or to save progress of some temporary solutions. I hate it, it’s a mess and a waste of paper. I’ve been thinking of getting something like a whiteboard for a while and I want to finall…


New community: Cubing

Community revolving around cubing - the activity of solving Rubik’s-cube like puzzles on time or just for fun…


Sadly, this release will log you out of all accounts once again. We are aware it is annoying and hope to reduce the amount of times it happens. On the bright side, this release includes support for password managers when logging in so it should be easier to restore all accounts. …


This addresses an issue where the wrong data was sometimes loaded due to an incorrect user ID. …


WARNING: due to some internal changes your local settings will be reset (logged out of accounts, removed instances, theme back to default) …