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Horrible choice. However, its shittiness reflects the essence of this stereotype-ridden communities. You know, woman do not need to wear sexy undergarmets?

The entire trope of “Ask A” is ignorant and naive. Do you really think any self-respecting person would honestly answer such questions that generalise an entire group of people? Just ask this in real life where you have to look into someones face. I know this requires courage and actually meeting people (and leave your comfort zone).

The lack of creativity and creeping bigotry/misogyny are really turning lemny into reddit… Shame.

Good! Thank you for the effort. It is important to set a clear boundary and ban users/communities/instances/… if they attempt to cross it.

"Facts don’t support Western spin on Dugin bombing

Mainstream media reports are drawing the wrong conclusions about Aleksandr Dugin assassination attempt" by David P. Goldman and Uwe Parpart


Thanks! That explains why I could not find more :) Anyway, it is a great track!

Really like this track! Did not expect it to get posted here… :) Do you know any more songs of PJOTR V?

Agree, calling people “normie” requires someone to feel “superior” (or others “inferior”) and is not a good way to get new users. It is not necessary. Also, many people want to be “normal”… Lastly, Lemmur is great (your phone/internet maybe not…) - zero issues here…

post as opposed to comment. But I get what you are saying…

For a meaningful discussion it needs a balance between questions and answers. Hiding behind questions because you do not have answers (i.e. evidence) is rubbish IMO. Why post something if you have nothing to say?

Also, no one said anything about racist stereotypes… sorry to hear the image resonates with you.

Ah yes, the good old “jUsT asKiNg qUEstiOns”… Has never been associated with trolling/(click)bait and was always a start of a good discussion.


They really gathered the most brilliant minds of the internet: "https://lemm y.ml/ here’s the link, it’s broken so they can’t detect the traffic is from 4 chan " - 4chan

So you can get stuck in an other echochamber… Very wise!

Given your account age, I doubt you took a lot of time to interact or read what has already been discussed here (and on other instances). Why the questions about banning (makes it seem like a ban-evasion)? Also, why the antivax/freedom example? Why not observe and try to understand the culture? If you don’t like it you can make your own instance (or find another one). In my opinion, if you have to worry about getting banned before starting then maybe you should not use it to begin with.

Everyone who reads cares about spelling. It has to do with readability. I know that most mainstream click-bait article headline authors do not care. They do not need to, since their message is typically trivial. If you read more complicated texts it becomes obvious why words cannot be spelled differently in every paragraph. (Also, it seems to be a Usonian problem…) Controversy is not the issue. It can arise. The problem is when posts are made with intent of controversy (a.k.a “user engagement”). In a scientific discussion, controvery disappears with increasing evidence (no need to argue when the facts are clear). Also, ban the trolls from everything (never feed them!).

No trolling? The username is ‘vaxedpeopledie’… To me the way vaccinated is written (with one ‘x’ or more) is already unsettling enough (if not trolling). But jokes aside - who has a username like this without the intent to stir up controversy?

Edit: Also, I trust this platform because people get banned (i.e., moderation works).

It also says “W[orld]H[ealth]O[rganisation] warns” - seems OK imo.

“Valid votes” which only confirm your opinion? How do you know they are bots?