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  • Free, yes, to them. They usually do some basic fundraising, generally it comes from the congregation. They’ll stand up at the beginning of service and ask for donations from people, and when they have enough they’ll go.

    As for work, I call it light work, because they aren’t going down and building a mission for the people, they’re usually doing something like painting or washing something. Things that locals are 100% capable of doing themselves, that is not really anything actual like building a well or anything. They do 1 or 2 days of this, and then the other 3 to 4 are on tours of the country, eating out, and basically being on vacation.

    I know what you’re trying to do, and I don’t care. These “mission trips” are disingenuous to me. They aren’t going down to help the people, they want to feel good about themselves and do the bare minimum to do so. They talk about how Jesus affected them personally to people who have never known the luxuries of life that we have, and then they jump on the bus back home, leaving the locals with a brand new bible and a fresh coat of paint, while patting themselves on the back for being such great christians. It’s all a show for themselves and for the church.

    Real actual use of that money could go to doctors without borders or UNICEF. There are actual groups doing actual good work in remote areas that desperately need help. These groups have the know how and the ability to do actual change for people, like building wells, providing medicine, building shelter, building schools, and more. They are the ones we should appreciate, they are the ones who should receive the money that was raised. I don’t care how you try to word it, 20 teenagers for 3 days aren’t going to make any meaningful impact on an impoverished community, actual doctors might though.

    Edit, some resources on the actual problem of missionaries

    A great video from someone who has experience missionaries coming directly, with excerpts from someone who went on a mission trip: Video

    Article explaining how the lack of actual skills hurts more than helps, and all they’re doing is building their own savior complex

    People have died because missionaries offer fake care to the people, while raking in donations

    In the end, modern missionaries is a well oiled tourism machine, bringing in a ton of money to small groups who help ferry missionaries over to these areas, give them a tour of the area, and send them home. The part that keeps the machine moving is the marketing and advertising arm of it, posting pictures of great work while not actually doing anything, but encouraging more 1st world white people to go.

  • A real test to see if anyone recognizes who I am, with people’s faces cropped away.

    Our 16 player LAN when Halo 3 dropped, it went for 4 straight days.

    A tarp outside of a garage with a giant Halo 3 symbol on it

    2 CRT tvs on an old table in a garage playing Halo

    Mess of Xbox 360 power cables strewn about on the ground

    Premium Stadium seating. (Notice the air conditioning on the upper right) Stacked stadium couches

    We brought these heavy things in, they were the biggest we all had put together. 3 CRT TVs in a row, surrounded by people

    Everyone had one of these linksys guys somewhere, and of course the most critical piece of hardware goes on the ground in the middle Top notch Linksys gear

    If your mom had a costco member ship you were immediately on soda duty

    A tower of empty 36 packs of soda reaching to the ceiling

    Kids: you were lied to when you were told the internet was the best way to play with people. These are memories I’ll cherish forever

    13 hours ago

    I have a friend on FB who still does these BS trips, and she’s well into her thirties. I see the pictures, I know what they are:

    • Get a bunch of teens on a bus down to Mexico
    • Do 1 or 2 days of light labor like painting a church
    • Photo ops with poor non-white kids
    • Hand out bibles
    • Go home after fun free Mexican vacation where you feel good about yourself.

    God forbid they do something real, then you wouldn’t get the free trip out of it I guess. Opening a local soup kitchen doesn’t look as good on the feeds

  • They also never call out by what metric America isn’t great anymore. There are plenty of metrics it’s not, but they won’t call those out.

    Is it peacetime? Because we’re the most peaceful we’ve ever been right now. Is it the economy? It’s the strongest now than it ever was. Is it family values? First quantify what that means. Is it divorces? Those are down for the first time. Is it orpahaned families or something? Education? Well those are liberal values so they can’t use those.

    Or is it all just racist and homophobic dog whistling, meaning they want to go back to white nuclear families - they just can’t say that.

    Really it’s all just “My nostalgia is more fun than dealing with today’s problems”. Nostalgia just ignores all of the problems at the time. “The 60s were better!” Just ignore Vietnam, the separate drinking fountains, the upcoming cold war, also the fact that the reason you had a good childhood was because of the social protections you had that you dismantled

  • Fair, although while my ride in Italy was faster, I vastly preferred the overall vibe of the UK’s system.

    It’s honestly hard to explain because it’s so much different compared to your guys’.

    So we have exactly one route that can go up to 125, in a couple of places. So taking that one out of the equation, the next highest speed in our entire system is 90mph.

    I live in Seattle, about 4 million people, about 1.8x of Manchester. We have 3 rail lines, that take you to 3 places.

    • Portland, 5 times a day, 4 hours away
    • Vancouver BC, 3 times a day, 3 hours away
    • Chicago, 1 time a day, 36 hours away.
    • LA, 1 time a day, 24 hours away

    We have what you would call a “well connected” city in the states too. Outside of the northeast corridor, this is in fact a “train city” here in the states.

  • I don’t even care. The right is floundering right now because they focused all of their attention on Joe, so they’re going to just throw random insults at anyone attached to the campaign now, and it’s because they are realizing they don’t have an actual platform to run on. They were just predicated on loving trump and anti joe, and now they actually might have to come up with some ideas, and of course they don’t have any.

    Whatever, let them hurl racist insults. She won’t care, and neither will I. I’m busy telling voters what the actual issues are.

  • It’s always a new account with 80% removed comments. Bro, the only thing I have to tell you is:

    big thumb guy meme.  First guy says "I do not like that thing".  The group's leader gives a big thumbs up, and returns to their conversation.

    Edit: Oh also, modlogs are searchable.

    On the other hand transgenders demand other people suspend truth to play along with their transition. [email protected]

    I’m proud to be a part of a community who happily bans transphobes. Lemmy has been one of the most open and welcoming communities I’ve ever known on the internet. From what I have seen Lemmy opens it’s arms to everyone and doesn’t really care. The paradox of intolerance is in effect though, in order to have a tolerant community we do not tolerate intolerance. Those views are backwards and hateful, and I am glad to see them being removed regularly here. You are more than welcome to join us and have fun here, but you’ll have to leave those views behind.

    (Thanks Lemmy friends, I’ve had a great year and a half with you folks!)