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I was worried that a headline like that was going to be some silly pseudo-science link. So I’m going to quote the fun analogies from the opening paragraph of linked article, to give a better sense to someone looking here where this is going :

I’ll start by giving you a few similar questions to answer.

  1. How perfectly do you have to build a house so that it will become a single brick?
  2. How well do you have to write an entire dictionary to change it into a single word?
  3. What would you have to do to change an entire symphony into a single note?

If you are thinking that those questions don’t make much sense, then you are feeling very much like a scientist who has been asked “How much proof does it take for a theory to graduate to being a law?”

Prehistoric roots of cold sore virus traced through ancient DNA
The first ancient herpes genomes to be sequenced suggest that the virus became widespread with Bronze Age migrations into Europe and possibly the emergence of kissing.

A scientist who failed to get her preprint article published in peer review journals (basically advocating evidence for lab covid leak theory), self-publishes criticism of other scientists who did manage to get their preprints published in a peer review journal (basically advocating for covid natural origins). Fair enough, but keep in mind we are basically comparing opinion piece to peer review here.

Also it’s a bit unfortunate that she starts out describing how the media ran with the preprint she is criticising, when the media did the exact same thing (and probably did it worse) with her own preprint. She seems like a smart person, but it seems there are also reasons top be extra skeptical of her analysis.

Nebula is a subscription service started by some significant youtubers to share revenue and get out from under youtube’s enormous thumb (if possible). Most of the content you can find also posted on youtube for “free”, but Nebula is ad-free and has some unique content, and tries to support creators more equitably.

It’s not exactly a worker’s co-op, but maybe as close to it as we viably have for streaming video so far. See the FAQ. It’s not FLOSS, or even free, but it is an alternative to potentially consider.

For free and FLOSS, TILVids node of peertube might be of interest.

Lovely looking game. But I don’t see any indication it is open source?

Cons here too. It’s been Con since the riding was created, but the sadder thing is that it’s actually getting close here to marginal change (mainly just due to changing demographics – urbanization). Last federal election was within around 2000 votes. I think Libs could have had it, but as far as I could see they put in very little effort until the last days, and although the race tightened up in the last week, they lost by more this time than last time. This despite the PPC doing embarrassingly well also. Didn’t help that the candidate the Libs dropped in was a former candidate for mayor, who in that race opposed a lot progressive issues, but despite being seemingly mysteriously well financed thankfully lost that race against the incredibly boring establishment incumbent.

I had to hold my nose pretty hard while strategically voting for this guy, just hoping against hope for a Con upset. Oh well. None of the candidates for any party here were actually interesting to me. So at least I don’t have to feel bad for not voting for a person I actually liked. Is that a bright side?

Definitely recommended for the boomers. It’s relatively user friendly, will work/sync on all their devices without you having to think about it. And if it doesn’t work out in the future, there’s no lock in.

I’ve used it for years. I ran my own server at first, just to make sure it was possible and reasonable. It was nice, and fully featured (I used the third-party bitwarden_rs sever, now called vaultwarden). But eventually I got tired of maintaining it and just switched to the free account bitwarden offers, reassured that I could load a backup to self-hosted again at any time if bitwarden’s servers ever go away, or get bought out by a disagreeable corporation, or whatever.

I just found it interesting how the Canadian founder of Farm Aid sees things differently than his American partners in regards to Covid-19 delta context.

It's an interesting approach. While plastic is (mostly) not directly toxic to us, the argument that it is toxic to the environment seems scientifically sound. The classification allows for more regulation and pressure on an industry which have proven (as usual) extremely ineffective at regulating themselves, to the cost of all of us. And when you think about plastic as a direct product of the petroleum industry things just worse. Looking at the [CEPA](https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/canadian-environmental-protection-act-registry/substances-list/toxic.html) web site it currently only lists "micro plastic beads". But I got a [government link or the order](https://gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2021/2021-05-12/html/sor-dors86-eng.html). It reads "Plastic manufactured items" and goes into great detail on the rational and background. Coincidentally I saw another story today:[Twenty firms produce 55% of world’s plastic waste, report reveals](https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/18/twenty-firms-produce-55-of-worlds-plastic-waste-report-reveals).

How about a simple but ambiguous directive: “Use the Link” (“Use the link, Luke” would be going to far! haha)

Let’s see more ideas. The more the better.

You sound like you might have been a thoughtful and attentive high school student. Too bad you couldn’t vote! (Just kidding, re: your other recent reply. ha ha)

Anyhow, thanks for the urban heat island article. Q uite interesting. I hadn’t come across that before.

You make some valid points, but my perspective somewhat differs. I’m not sure we understand the significance of “fully developed brain” in this case. For example, would you advocate that there must be an IQ threshold required for voting? I understand IQ is narrow and limited test, just the way that a drivers license is a limited analogy for voting competence. It’s just one example. What tests would you suggest require being passed? What about adults with various cognitive impairments?

Then there is also the issue of there being a fairly wide range of development levels in individual teens. Some seem to mature much sooner than others. Currently we seem to try to pick some sort of average which may be weighted a little on the cautious side. (I have a family member turning 16 in a few weeks – this isn’t abstract to me – I know how very young she is, in so many ways.)

My personal bottom line argument is probably not going to impress you though, as it’s not based on brain development or any other technical condition. I think simply that if they want to vote they should be able to vote. Most adults vote for stupid reasons, I don’t think kids would do much worse. And it would have the virtue of potentially engaging some of them in society sooner. Of course a lot will just be compelled by their family’s views; and a few might vote simply to spite their family. This is nothing new.

Once upon a time, shockingly recently in our culture, women were said not to be mentally developed enough to vote. Scientific arguments were made in this regards. Obviously not exactly the same situation, but if I’m making a mistake I’d rather make a mistake on the side of personal volition. If women want to vote, they should be able to vote, regardless of what the science says (said) about their smaller brain sizes, their limited domestic understanding of the world, their easily manipulated maternal instincts. Ditto for kids.

Yeah I understand what I’ve expressed is a little simplistic, lacking in consideration of various details. But the details could be hammered out later. I’m just interested in the principle for now. Actually my passing interest is almost worn out. Maybe ADHD should exclude me from voting. Which makes me wonder: do we have any stats on how many people vote drunk? Maybe breathalizers should be installed in voting booths.

On the other hand, now that you’ve made me think about it, the legal age to drive clearly should be raised to at least 29. Driving is (usually) a lot more dangerous than voting. And I don’t want non-fully developed brains hurtling around in massive steal objects! So, I say 25 + 4 is 29. You gave me the good idea of the +4. Thanks! 25 to let their brain fully develop, and then 4 years buffer for them to ease in to their awesome fully developed cognitive powers.

Anyhow, isn’t every vote a referendum of sorts?


Digikam has a few options for metadata. It stores everything in its own SQLite database by default. Optionally one can set up mysql/mariadb. Also you can have metadata stored embedded in your actual photo files as EXIF and/or XMP tags. Finally you can have XMP sidecar storage which is an XML file with same filename as image but XMP extension. EXIF and XMP (embedded or sidecar) are fairly standardized. So shotwell likely (I’ve never used it so I don’t know) embedded your metadata in the image files, and Digikam picked it up from there. You can use a command line tool like exiv2 to see what metadata is in your files.