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  • 1.) its usually a single persons job to do “social media outreach”, not most of the employees

    2.) People shouldn’t be using their personal devices to do government work, period.

    3.) slippery slope? why would someone use queer dating apps on their GOVERNMENT device? this is a stupid argument

    4.) This is about GOVERNMENT, not private business. You are conflating the two.

  • I understand the need for nuclear. We HAVE to stop using carbon emitting forms of energy.

    But I have never supported nuclear in the United States. Time and time and time again, history shows that corporations will water down the regulations around an industry. To the point of collapse. The problem is, when nuclear goes bad, its REALLY bad.

    We can’t even get our fucking TRAINS to their destination without greed derailing them.

    how many fucking oil spills have we had because of lax safety? remember the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? that was due to lax safety regulations, all in the name of profit.

    Please, tell me:

    Why in the flying fuck should I trust the regulations around nuclear energy to hold?

    Whatever you say, I’m not going to believe you. Not until the fucking lawyers of the corporations stop writing the laws for the congressmen to sign without reading or understanding.

    What the FUCK is going to stop ‘big nuclear’ from re-writing regulations?

    I want the regulations around nuclear to be so tight, no capitalist will want to operate under it. I want several rubber bands and a vice around the balls of whoever is running it.

    I even think maybe corporations can’t be trusted with it, and all nuclear energy should fall exclusively under the management of the DoD.