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  • The original developer is trying to do things slowly and stay with older versions of the dependencies, while the author of the fork is of the opinion that the dependencies should be updated to the latest versions and take advantage of their capabilities (such as performance improvements) which does not necessarily please the original author.

    In addition, new features are implemented in the fork that are not present in the original project, because the author of the fork is pushing for rapid development (which doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing)

  • TL;DR:

    • Windows Recall, part of Microsoft’s new Copilot+ PC initiative, has sparked major privacy and security concerns.
    • The feature uses AI to capture and store screen data locally, allowing users to search for past activities using natural language.
    • Despite assurances that data is not uploaded to the cloud or used by Microsoft, user trust is lacking.
    • Microsoft has a history of practices that have eroded user trust, including obtrusive ads, ignoring user preferences, and requiring Microsoft Accounts.
    • Users are skeptical, fearing future misuse of the collected data for advertising or AI training.
    • Windows Recall reportedly stores data unencrypted, making it vulnerable to access by third-party apps and potential malware.
    • The open nature of Windows amplifies these risks, unlike more secure systems like iOS and Android.
    • Users have compared Windows Recall to spyware, with many threatening to switch to other operating systems like Linux or Mac.
    • Microsoft’s attempts to keep the development of Windows Recall secret did not help build trust.
    • Windows Recall will only be available on new Copilot+ PCs, requiring specific hardware not present in existing PCs.
    • Users will have the option to disable the feature, but there are concerns about it being enabled by default.
    • Despite security issues, the feature is effective in helping users find lost or forgotten data.
    • It could improve productivity if trust and security concerns are resolved.