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  • you can click on the “Explore projects” button in the corner and click on the huge search field in the middle of the screen: it will list the option “Language”.

    I didn’t know it supported this mode of searching; thanks for pointing it out. I just wish there was a way to collapse all of a project’s forks into one entry. The search results take forever to sift through because there are about fifty bazillion forks of each project.

  • Were I in that position, I would resist, just as much as if they were trying to put video cameras in my bathroom and bedroom.

    I would suggest alternatives, and offer to research, order, and install them.

    I would appeal to my parents’ empathy, try to educate them on the risks these corporate-controlled hackable devices bring with them, and on the negative impact that surveillance has on human development. I would look for allies to help: siblings, extended family members, school authorities, counselors… anyone whose views they might respect, both alone and in groups. I would try to persuade them, and if it came down to it, I would fight.

    If they stubbornly insisted, I would continue to bring it up regularly, both in private and in public. I would make sure that it was a constant drain on their time, and make sure they knew it was a constant source of resentment. I would escalate it to the point that they would have to justify it not only to themselves, but to the communities around us. I would consult social workers and government watchdog agencies for child/youth home environments, and find out from them whether my parents were breaking any relevant guidelines or laws.

    And, if I somehow couldn’t keep it out of my space or unpowered, I would open it up and disconnect the microphone, or perhaps wire a physical switch to allow connecting it only when needed. (By the way, reed switches exist that can be concealed within a device and activated from the outside with a magnet.) If I didn’t know how to disassemble electronics or solder, then I would learn.

    And then I would continue to fight.

  • From the post:

    potentially making more money than I’ve done in the past by working 40 hours.

    And I could retroactively pay contributors, who made bg3.wiki what it is, for their past volunteer work. Potentially significant amounts,

    It might make lots of money, and I could pay all past contributors.

    they will be very non-intrusive and clean.

    I wonder if he’s overestimating the potential ad revenue here. Many of us use ad blockers, and some only use bg3.wiki at all because it’s free of the junk that comes with getting/sharing the same information elsewhere. If the money he’s expecting depends on traffic remaining the same once ads are introduced, and users not using ad blockers, I think the income estimates might be… unrealistic.

    In any case, he does ask for feedback at the end of the post. It might be worthwhile to send him a (kindly worded) note.

  • Thanks. That audio is the closest I’ve heard to a definitive source so far. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear.

    If I’m expecting to hear a pause between “simpl” and “ex” when he says it, I can perceive a very slight one. But when I listen again expecting to hear the syllables “sim” and “plex”, I perceive that version just as clearly; maybe even more clearly.

    His accent makes it difficult to work out his intent. (Note also the way he pronounces “adversary”: not at all how it’s pronounced in English, though not confusing in this case because there is no other word he could mean.)

  • I haven’t taken measurements, but there are many problematic sites these days. Lots of web developers fail to see the problems that javascript imposes on users, so they build web apps even when they’re serving static content, where a regular web site (perhaps with javascript enhancements that aren’t mandatory) would do just fine.

    I selectively enable first-party scripts on a handful of sites that I regularly use and mostly trust (or at least tolerate). Many others can be read without scripts using Firefox Reader View. I generally ignore the rest, and look elsewhere for whatever information I’m after.