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  • Any reason why you didn’t put your factor (US listed) ETFs in your RRSP? I think that is the preferred placement for tax treatment, and also simplicity when you have to withdraw.

    Why reduced Canadian exposure? A bit more home country / 🇨🇦 bias has portfolio advantages.

    I still have yet to jump on Avantis factor funds, but have been considering them. My hesitation is the additional complexity, cost, and risk may not be worth the slight improvement, and the timeframe to realize the factor benefits can be very long (so you have to be a convicted and very patient investor).

    Looks like a solid, low cost, rational long-term portfolio 👍

  • I used to have more cards, using specific ones for different things, but I just get no joy from tracking that stuff. I currently just stick with a simple, no fee, cash back card. If you spend a lot (small business) I think there are better opportunities for credit cards. If you like spreadsheets and tracking, churning could be an option, but I think this is less profitable in Canada vs USA.