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  • Ich finde 25 als normaler Fahrradfahrer schon recht schnell wenn da e-bikes auf meist etwas engeren Stadtfahrradwegen an einem vorbei brausen.

    Ich habe null Vertauen das sich alle S-Pedelec Fahrer an diese Art von Regeln halten würden. Einige schon, andere nicht.

    Ich bin davon überzeugt das dies zu einer Situation führen würde wo wenige (die die Regel misachten) die Suppe für alle versalzen.

    Insgesamt finde ich 25 einen gut funktionierenden Kompromiss.

  • I have a Nextcloud for my own, works mostly well, but it requires some effort here and there and I oft wondered what my dear users would say (if there were any) if it takes me several days again to fix some small issues or renew the certificate. Plus I know nothing about security and can only hope everything is all right. Once you set email, messenger etc. up for larger groups I could see the efforts to keep this stable and secure to be quite high. It’s probably a good solution for the privacy problem but I am not so sure that it is a solution that is manageable or even available for many and therefore a good solution overall.

  • When it comes to states spying you then there is no safety. The state can always just send someone over to put a gun on your head (or the legal equivalent) and voila, you yourself give them your data.

    And I understand that states are very different in their (perceived) legal integrity, but if I should guess ( no evidence) then all the encryption and safety development benefit criminals most. Also some journalists and dissidents but mostly criminals to do their criminal business and in the whole, if you have the fortune to live in a state that can be mostly trusted I prefer that Police has some lever identity this kind communication. Not in-similar to when Police is allowed to tap your phone (after a judge signed off). Not many people where concerned about that.

    So so in the end I feel the bigger threat are private companies who sell all your data for the highest bidder regards of the bidders intention. And provided you trust Signal, ProtonMail and Tutanota then they definitely reduce the risk there (imho).