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  • Russia is a kleptocracy, a massive mafia state run by a dim-witted dictator. All this vatnik propaganda is wild, man. If their economy is so good, why can’t they build any more T-92s? Why are they using defective artillery shells they bought from NORTH KOREA?! Give me a break!

    I think you’re a little confused. Replace Russia with Ukraine and then you’ll be 100% accurate. Being a Russia hater with nonsense like this, doesn’t look well on you. Do some research and you’ll learn that the production lines are booming. Of course you won’t get accurate information from our MSM.

  • How long do you think that will last with the US dollar no longer the reserve currency of the world? lol Saudia Arabia announced that they will no longer be using the USD as the petrodollar.

    Saudi Arabia has recently decided not to renew its petrodollar deal with the US, which has significant implications for the global financial landscape. The petrodollar system, established in 1972, has been the cornerstone of global finance, with the US dollar serving as the dominant currency for international trade and oil transactions. The deal’s expiration on June 9, 2024, marks a watershed moment, allowing Saudi Arabia to sell oil and other goods in various currencies, including the Chinese RMB, Euros, Yen, and Yuan, rather than solely in US dollars.

    This development is expected to benefit Bitcoin, as the US inflation rates could rise unprecedentedly, eroding the value of fiat currencies like the US dollar, prompting investors to explore alternative assets. The shift away from the petrodollar could also result in more US dollar creation to compensate for the loss of its global oil trade monopoly, potentially leading to inflation.

    Saudi Arabia’s decision is part of a broader trend of countries shifting away from using the US currency in international commerce and oil transactions. The country’s participation in Project mBridge, a China-led central bank digital currency (CBDC) project, is another significant development, as it aims to simplify cross-border transactions with CBDCs and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, implying wider integration of digital currencies into mainstream finance.

    The implications of this shift are far-reaching, with potential consequences for global financial stability, trade, and the value of the US dollar. As countries like Saudi Arabia look for alternatives to the US dollar, including digital currencies like Bitcoin, the ramifications for crypto markets are significant. The end of the US-Saudi petrodollar deal marks a significant departure from the petrodollar system established in 1972, when the United States decoupled its currency from gold, and is expected to accelerate the global transition away from the US dollar.

  • Old_GeezerMtoGeopoliticsBellingcat Reports on Russian grain smuggling
    13 days ago

    So you’re not going to read the substance? Both media sources do journalism. This just shows me that you have a closed mind. Are you #NAFO? You’re giving those vibs.

    If you’re not going to admit that the preponderance of evidence shows that they are indeed part of an influence operation by NATO, then you’re being unnecessarily obstinate, and I’m done with you and consider this discussion closed. I’ve known about Elliott Higgins since the time he called himself ‘Brown Moses’. He’s as fake as a 3$ bill.

    By the way, my name is not Steven …

  • Russia invaded. Do you think NATO/Ukraine/anyone is going to cross the Russian border and make this an offensive war against Russia after Russia pulls out of Ukraine? Putin has openly stated he wants Russia, as it was during the USSR days, reformed. He invaded Crimea and Chechnya before Ukraine, why do you think he’ll stop after three? Russia invaded three neighboring countries in the last 15 years. Are those accords worth anything to Russia?

    1/ That’s already been done. NATO special services have been operating in Russia.(I still have contacts in the NATO military)

    2/ Do you have a citation for your claim that he wants the same lands as Soviet Russia? I see that claim often in the Western Press, but haven’t so far seen anything in that regard, at least that I can remember. I’ll have to check my archives.

    3/ Chechnya is part of Russia. He invaded because again the Western Powers were meddling and created a so called Chechnya “opposition”. Crimea had a large Russian Naval Base giving the Russian Federation access to the Black Sea and Ukraine had threatened to give it to the US/NATO. Crimea is almost entirely Russian speaking, and the citizenry voted overwhelmingly to separate from Ukraine and join Russia. Election monitors were satisfied that the vote was legit — except the western Deep State, of course.

    4/ Which 3? Those accords were what would have stopped any invasion and allowed The Donbass to remain Ukrainian. Both Angela Merkel and another European leader, whose name escapes right now, acknowledged publicly that the Minsk 1 & 2 were never going to be implemented. They were buying time to allow NATO to arm Ukraine. Even before Russia invaded, they tried one more time to get NATO/USA to take their concerns seriously. They were laughed off by the West. You see, the intent all the time was to provoke Russia into invading. That was the entire game plan.