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  • I just posted a few links to the other person who responded to me and you can follow those and there is more detail there.

    But basically if Microsoft were to try, which they did, try and move to their own app store, which removes win32, then all of Valve’s games ( in the store) will no longer become relevant over time, on the Windows platform.

    You don’t just spend millions and millions and millions of dollars on Linux for no reason at all. It’s not like he’s a fanboy, he’s a businessman, and he’s protecting his business.

  • This was definitely in a time when things were heaps cheaper. It was the 1990s and the cost of living was nothing like it is now so it was definitely easier for me.

    But I do remember working from some time in the afternoon until about three in the morning on a project for free to demonstrate that I can do what I needed to do.

    That project got me a foot in the door and it got me my first job that I would consider my real road to success.

    It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t easy, and i remember being so tired that my eyes were shuttering/shaking, but I knew that if I could get that out the door and show them what it was I could do, that it gave me a good chance.

    It did more than that, it put me straight into salary in their company within a week.

    Absolutely fantastic, and I might have been lucky, that I didn’t get screwed, but that it is what happened.

  • Halo 1 was originally on the Apple Mac computers.

    I remember my work colleague having an early access release because he is quite connected.

    It was beautiful and we couldn’t believe that a Mac could do something like that back in the day.

    Microsoft saw it jumped on it and straight away extinguished the Mac version and ported it over to the Xbox.

    The Mac version was absolutely canned. They did not want gaming competition from Apple in any way, especially something as impressive as Halo 1 was back then.

    Edit. I find it hilarious people would down vote that. Is this reddit? Have I woken into a dream? 😀