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  • I read an autobiography years ago about a girl in the US who had grown up in fairly extreme poverty. She ended up going on to great things. I unfortunately can’t remember the name of the book but it was a really good read.

    Anyway, one of the things that stuck with me was that home births with no hospital intervention were fairly common mostly because of cost but (and my memory on this is hazy) I think also this kind of “avoid the government” basis. They had midwives / nurses come on an unofficial basis.

  • Neighbours: I hope you know I’m only taking the piss.

    For what it’s worth all that stuff is long behind us and we don’t hold you accountable for the past, sure you’d nothing to do with it.

    This is just like you and the Germans - you’ll always cheer their opposition but there’s no actual ill will.

    I do hope the Spanish win though because I can’t fucking listen to my English brother in law banging on if you do win.

    At least we’re close in the rugby so the slagging trade is fair.

  • Oh that would damage me. All the years of work that go into keeping them open minded and forging critical thinking will pay dividends eventually though. I hope you’re doing ok.

    Edit: I’m trying to picture that happening in our house and what comes to mind is the other kids ripping the piss out of a position like that. We call our dinner table “The Forge” mostly for fun / slagging but also for challenging nonsense that might arise. We’ve a lot of kids though.

    Siblings might be an avenue to explore is the crux of my point.