Indigenous Canadian from northern Ontario. Believe in equality, Indigenous rights, minority rights, LGBTQ+, women’s rights and do not support war of any kind.

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    Or they are just so far advanced than us that there is no need for an agreement like that … it’s just automatically understood and they see our planet and ‘civilization’ no more than us looking at our lawn and seeing an ant hill with activity. Why interact with creatures that can only understand their immediate surroundings and could not possibly comprehend anything beyond their little world?

    The ants themselves are not aware of all the activity, technology and beings living all around them and can only know about their ant hill and their little ‘civilization’. Even if the ants had some resources, what good is it for a larger more powerful organism or entity to reach down, dig out their nest and take away the tiny little food stores? or use the sand from their ant hill to … ? … to what? … fill a crack in their paving stones? The ants have nothing we need or want … or have even the level of quantity of resources we would desire. Highly advanced alien civilizations probably see us in the same way … why harvest a tiny planet when you could gather vast amounts of energy and resources from some other parts of the galaxy that are far more massive and energy sustaining.

    We only see and understand a fraction of a fraction of the universe right now. We are like the blind ignorant little ants that can only understand their little ant hill. Beings, entities and technologies might be roaming around us already but we are so unaware and undeveloped that it will takes us centuries or millennia before we can even start to understand anything beyond our world.

  • I try to do this in real life with just about any public service I encounter.

    If someone does something good, nice or even remotely within their job description … especially with young people … I’ll take a moment and fill out a survey, receipt feedback or just talk to a manager to tell them what a great job they did. I find this even more important for the young man or woman with their first job … or an immigrant or person of colour who’s trying to fit into the community for the first time.

    I’ve worked in storefronts, grocery stores, restaurants, waiting tables, cooking, cleaning, janitorial and in hotels, schools and hospitals … and I know that with the public, the only time you will ever hear anything from anyone is when things go wrong. Very few people ever take the time to say thanks for the good job or leave a comment or write something positive.

    But they’ll spend hours or even days organizing themselves to lodge a complaint or consider hiring lawyers to get back at a company or employee for not giving them more pickles for their hamburger.

  • Personality, presence and confidence

    Natural self confidence, but NOT an arrogant selfish confidence.

    Some people naturally have confidence and presence and some people need to build it as a skill.

    I know guys and gals with little to no knowledge or skill build up careers because they just knew how to talk and connect to people.

    I also know guys and gals with years of education and degrees but have little to no way of politely or easily getting along with people.

  • I’m Indigenous Ojibway/Cree from northern Northern Ontario and I speak my language. The word we use to describe white people or Europeans is ‘Mistikoshoo’.

    It’s a two part word … Mishtik is the word for ‘wood’ … or ‘stick’

    adding the ending ‘ooshoo’ to the word changes it refer to or describe a person.

    So in all … the word just translates to ‘man with a stick’

    When we made first contact with Europeans, they were all so preoccupied with their religion that they just looked like people wandering around with a stick in their hands and around their necks which was very, very important to them.

    Then they taught us this strange religion and all its rules and regulations that everyone glorified but no one seemed to follow. When you look at the Middle Eastern religious traditions and what they preach and teach and what kind of culture they have evolved into, you begin to realize that religion is just another tool to control and manipulate people.

    I always enjoyed reading about the history of European colonization … especially by the Spanish

    Before he was burned, a priest asked Hatuey if he would accept Jesus and go to heaven. Las Casas recalled the reaction of the chief:
    [Hatuey], thinking a little, asked the religious man if Spaniards went to heaven. The religious man answered yes… The chief then said without further thought that he did not want to go there but to hell so as not to be where they were and where he would not see such cruel people.

  • Time … and I don’t mean waiting a few years for some grand revolutionary way of thinking.

    I mean evolutionary time scales of hundreds or even thousands of years for our species to evolve away from our cave man prehistoric mentalities.

    When you graph out the age of our current species, we are closer to our prehistoric ancestors than we like to think. We are still a developing species that is built more for survival and aggression than as a modern technologically advanced society.

    I have an old friend of mine who puts it more simply as “we are just monkeys driving cars”

    The answer is time … a lot of time … for us to grow out of our old mentalities. Hopefully we can have that time.