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  • Two things this will depend on - what are your system specs, and what games do you play.

    If you’re on a mid/low end setup you’re not likely to be able to drive games at 4k, so go with the 1080p one. If you’re on a high end rig then 4k may make more sense.

    Second thing is the games. If you mainly play esports titles that have low system requirements, you’ll be able to take advantage of more frames. If you play AAA/“cinematic” titles then 4k will be better.

    Honestly though, my preference is 1440p at 120-144Hz. It’s a good sweet spot, just look for GSync support. Decent HDR is a bonus too.

  • I’ve never played an AC game, but a huge fan of the Souls games. I’m not sure what to make of this - but I have a lot of trust in From, so I’ll almost certainly pick it up.

    I like how complex it looks, and the bosses look crazy. From Vaati’s video it looked like there were 11 missions though… does anyone know if it’s just those plus the arena? I don’t typically replay games once I’ve finished them (game time is limited)!