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you can host your own standard notes, can’t you?

Do you use a password manager? If so, you could search for your email.

brendan eich’s wikipedia page is hilariously funny to me

wikipedia page

anyways, about brave, it’s chromium, which has already been mentioned that it feeds into google’s monopoly. they’ve had their share of scandals and personally i see no reason to use it (although the crypto stuff for me is a negative). there’s tons of blog posts/etc that explain more why brave isn’t worth it to use. for daily browsing i just use firefox with ublock origin, and if i need chromium for whatever reason, i’ll use ungoogled-chromium (also with ublock origin)

as a side note, he did more than just not support gay marriage, he actively lobbied against it. (not to mention that obama and hillary clinton are not exactly model citizens)



They all seem to be in Debian repos and available as alternative pkgs as well (appimage/flatpak)

I’ve found kdenlive the easiest for simple video editing like your use case, but like you said if you’re not using kde it probably has a bunch of dependencies. There’s also olive which I didn’t see mentioned in this thread but I haven’t used it enough to give it a fair review. And you could probably use just ffmpeg especially if you tend to do the same operations on a large amount of media.

Is this just how to install a (proprietary) extension on (proprietary) chrome? Lol

contact seller to see if he would accept cryptos

I think that that is against the tos of eBay but more importantly (even if we know it isn’t) it looks from the sellers side like the setup to a scam :(

do you guys think posts like this should be allowed in this community?

Definitely look into Bitwarden, it syncs between phone & computer, you can host the sync server yourself but especially if you’re used to lastpass it just works.

yeah, you just have to route it through the proxy that tor creates i think.

I made an icon, others can change it if they want.

i wouldn’t mind helping out, pretty much same boat as @Metallinatus@lemmy.ml

They made a sequel to the PICO 8 version for the third anniversary, have you tried it? https://mattmakesgames.itch.io/celeste-classic-2

Celeste is definitely my favorite game of all time, but favorite genre would have to roguelikes