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  • yes but active usage doesnt mean it was not used?

    If their criteria was “at least 1 person uses it at all, sometimes” then it would not have been removed 🤔

    likely no maintenance effort at all.

    The maintenance comes less from the code and more from making sure that every single menu added or changed in any way continues to behave correctly in three different sizes with themes and everything.

  • SimpleX is quite a promising project, uses Double Ratchet End-to-End-Encryption (from Signal), and has a very interesting protocol and model to provide quite strong metadata protection, especially in regards to whom you talk to and groups you’re in.

    If your threat model requires exceptionally strong Metadata protection, SimpleX is probably going to be your go-to

    Though, for a more lenient threat model, where still good, but less laser-focused metadata protection is enough, Signal will probably do just fine.

    Personally I use Signal, but I also have a SimpleX Profile, an XMPP Account and Matrix. (preferred in that order)

  • The “NO AI” clause is conditional, though.

    As mentioned in their FAQ, they will reverse that rule when it is “viable in terms of data privacy and ethicality”

    unless the rampant ethical and data privacy issues around datasets are resolved via regulation.

    Whilst they aren’t VC-Backed, their servers already had to do nearly 10 upgrades, their “AI Detection” is backed by another, third-party AI, and it’s not transparent what said service is.

    And to top it off, it’s a closed ecosystem. You upload your art there, and either Cara dies one day and your following is gone, or they change their policies, leadership or anything else, at which point everyone will have to move again

    it’s yet another case where the Fediverse and other Federated networks address the core issue that lead to this disaster - content ownership - better than systems like these do. I’m not hopeful for Cara.