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  • My Neighbour Totoro is unique. In this film kids actually act and talk like kids. It is extremely imaginative and magical while not trying to be epic. It treats the audience as intelligent, curious people, giving a lot of quiet thinking space in between scenes.

    It is a masterpiece of film making. The other Studio Ghibili films are good, but Totoro remains to be my favourite.

  • The Pombus


    A whimsical photo of a fantastical creature known as the Pombus. This enchanting being seamlessly combines the features of a enormous, fluffy Pomeranian dog with those of a vintage bus. The creature has a long, furry body, playful face, and agile furry legs that allow it to run swiftly. Its cheerful face is adorned with bus windows, a destination sign on its forehead, and headlights above its eyes. The Pombus is equipped with soft, furry seats inside its body for passengers, blending the organic and mechanical elements in a delightful and magical manner., photo, cinematic

    Clearly inspired by the Catbus