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  • I have two campaigns at the same time, one solo, one with a friend. I am amazed how different the campaigns are. Moreover, by discussing with my other friends that play the game, I could play two or three more campaigns and there will be significant differences between the four of them. Per exemple, I have not played dark urge, broken oath paladin, no evil run (I have one but I wasn’t evil enough). The replayability is surprisingly good.

    I have not finished the game. I’m in Act 3 in one of the campaigns. One thing that help make the campaigns differents is to do the quests in different orders. It lead to unexpected changes.

  • I do a coop campaign at the same time as my solo campaign and my friend did the same. It’s awesome how we figured out things together, especially in the temple of Shar. It’s also fun to discuss solo campaigns with other people because how it is different even if it’s the same game. My most obvious example in that case is what happens with auntie Ethel, as we discussed several minutes about it because of 4 different outcomes in 4 campaigns.

  • I’m a fan since his Starcrafts series. He’s so clever the way he finds the absurb gameplay mechanics and makes parodies out of it. I guess that if he makes a 2nd episode, it would be on compaignons dying pushed off a cliff, but we somehow be able to take their inventory or ressurect them.