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    Nah. I hate to sound bitter/salty, but all the AI haters are just going to fuel OpenAI’s crusade/lobbying against open source, and we will be stuck with expensive, inefficient, dumb corporate API models trained on copyrighted material in secret because the corporations literally don’t care. And it will do nothing to solve the environmental problems.

    There’s tons of research on making training and especially inference more power efficient, on making data cleaner and fairer, and it’s getting squandered from the lobbying against open source that the “AI is all bad” crowd is fueling. All the money to even turn these experiments into usable models is getting funneled away already.

    Everyone’s got it wrong, the battle isn’t between AI or no AI, it’s whether your own it and run it yourself, or big tech owns it and runs it. You know, like Lemmy vs Reddit.

    So… that’s my rant.

  • How would the US react if the Russians supported Mexico in joining a military pact against the US, so that the Russians could build military bases and install short range nuclear weapons in Mexico and point then at the US?

    This a convoluted scenario, as why would they do this in the first place? The US, as big of an asshole as it is, is not invading Mexico. Mexico is not the least bit worried about it.

    Ukraine was very worried about Russia invading them, for years, for legitimate reasons. And what does Russia do to alleviate those fears? Repeatedly threaten them, then actually invade.

    A gun happy neighbor you are complicated friends with is very different than a gun happy neighbor who is repeatedly saying they want your house. If the situation afterwards feels unfair, well, that’s Russia’s fault for getting there in the first place.

    And if the U.S actually postured itself for invading Mexico, for heavens sake, I would want them to arm themselves to the teeth.

    • Because it sells/trends.

    • Because they’re all glued to Twitter.

    • Because the Trump crowd is kinda right, they suffer from group think.

    • And because they’re salty that the White House all but hoodwinked them, insisting that Biden was fine, which they clearly should have been more skeptical of.

    I don’t really buy the theories that the media conglomerate leadership is pushing for it. And I’m not calling them incompetent or anything, but clearly they weren’t clear eyed with this issue when a large swathe of the public was.

    And I’m not talking about Republicans. My mother would literally vote for a Hitler/Stalin ticket before Donald Trump, she despises him so much it’s hilarious, but even she thought Biden was way too old to run. Even before the debate.