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  • Und es werde „auch nicht mehr lange dauern, bis der Anzeigenmeister [sic!] eins auf die Fresse bekommt“.

    Ich hab den Ausschnitt von Montana nicht gesehen und nehme an, der Ton macht die Musik, aber was er da sagt, war auch mein erster Gedanke, als ich die “Reportage” gesehen habe. Nicht, weil ich denke “ey der gehört verprügelt”, sondern weil das bei der Menge Anzeigen, die er stellt, einfach fast ausgeschlossen ist, dass er nicht früher oder später jemanden erwischt, der sein Temperament nicht im Griff hat.

    Gibt doch auf Reddit (und sicher auch hier drüben) immer mal Berichte von Leuten, bei denen plötzlich der Angezeigte vor der eigenen Tür steht und sich über die Anzeige echauffiert, da einige Behörden aus irgendeinem Grund liebend gern auf Datenschutz scheißen und einfach mal direkt Adressen rausrücken.

    Dazu noch die ganze Scheiße rund um Drachenlord. Wenn sich da die falschen Leute reinsteigern - und die Chance steigt halt durch solche Reportagen massiv - hat der arme Kerl echt die Arschkarte.

  • Epic have come a long way from Epic MegaGames, and it isn’t always a fairytale story I suppose.

    Someone here on Lemmy highlighted that quite nicely when Valve dropped their Half Life documentary. Valve embraces their past. They cherish it. They still maintain their old games to honor their success.

    Epic on the other hand completely wiped old Unreal titles from the relevant stores and don’t give a fuck about supporting any of them. Which is a shame. Also I admire the tech behind of modern Unreal engines, so there are still geniuses at work who are likely passionate. Too bad they essentially only ride the Fortnite train outside their engine development.

  • I don’t think it got worse. At least in regards to webcams. It looks more like that for many years they essentially re-used the same sensors in different cams and didn’t really evolve. Which always seemed weird, given that smartphone with fantastic sensors have been around for ages now - with lenses which are likely even smaller than what a webcam would be able to allow. Only the relatively recent home office trend has brought some change. But so far it still doesn’t look too good.

  • It was a Logitech C922. It’s a piece of shit though. A bit less than other webcams I had, but I can’t even properly key out my greenscreen if the lighting in the room is not 100% perfect. With the smartphone cam it works even with completly shitty lighting.

    The only webcam I would have somewhat hope in would be the Obsbot Tiny 2, but €350 is too much for something I can solve with an old smartphone. (Also I don’t need 70% of the features of the obsbot tiny; I mainly want a good sensor and image processing.)

  • True, you will need 10 to 20 seconds setup each time. But the video quality is really impressive. And another upside: you can be damn sure that no one watches you without you knowing, because you have to setup the cam each time and it doesn’t just sit there. But I guess that’s only a minor advantage.

    I put up a specific mount to quickly put the smartphone in place and have a dedicated charger cable right beside it I just need to attach real quick. If I used my iPhone, I could probably make use of the MagSafe mechanism to mount and charge in one go. (I think there are also MagSafe compatible cases for other phones, so that might be something to think about in general.)