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  • I use Aftershokz and have no experience with any other brand. I had mine for at least 2years the battery lasts me 2 full work days on one charge and are excellent in an environment where you have to use ear plugs due to high noise. They are comfy and I don’t have to worry about losing them. They however do make audible “humm” noise when standing near working welding machines. I think for this specific scenario they are absolutely perfect for me however I would never use them for their intended purpose which was outdoors sports. At least not without ear plugs as I find them necessary otherwise the surrounding noise (due to passing cars for example) may easily overpower them. For your typical gardening, walk in a forest, etc… they are fine though even without ear plugs as long as there is not too much surrounding noise. I also find the use of an EQ necessary as I found the base to be too overpowering.

  • I still have my Steam Controller but I was itching for better Gyro after playing with Steam Deck so I picked up PS5 controller for PC after doing some research.

    I like the PS5 one quite a lot, it does have nice upgrades over the Steam Controller like the adaptive triggers which work only in some games though and the haptics are sooo much better… But the battery life is a complete joke, it’s really annoying.

    With SC I’ve just chucked in two AA batteries and was set for 3 months+ with PS5 controller I can barely get 10h with haptics and got around 15h without haptics… And it takes ages to charge too…

    The only appeal of this new controller is the touch stick for gyro but other than that this seems quite lackluster imo.