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  • All my life I was told animals at the rodeo were the best treated animals in the world.

    I worked backstage at a rodeo. That’s a bold face lie.

    After a cow is done with their round and they are chased back into the cage, that isn’t a cage, it’s a chute/tunnel and the only way to get them to walk down it is to have a cowboy hang from the bars and swing kick the cows on the ass.

    Also, one of the competition rounds is literally chasing a baby cow with a horse, lassoing its legs to make it fall, jumping off the horse, lifting the baby cow off the ground, and then slamming it back onto the ground.

  • No problem.

    I won’t go so far as to say 2016 was rigged, but the DNC definitely tipped the scale for somebody who already was going to get the nomination regardless.

    The fact of the matter is, Bernie pulls more support from independents than he does centrist democrats. He proved that the left is taking over the party, but we aren’t where we need to be yet.

  • So, in the case of Native Americans, as part of the genocide inflicted upon them, their religions were outlawed and they were overwhelmingly forced into Christianity. They did not regain the right to practice their historic religions until 1971.

    Perhaps his native religion did worship demons, but the vast majority of of Natives did not have conceptions of demons, and many of their religions predate Christianity. If they did worship demons, the only person to blame for that is God, the father himself, for choosing to not reveal his message to them until after the 1600s at the earliest.

    In my mind, if your conception of the supernatural is correct, Chief shoefoot simply traded one trickster god (demons) for another one.

    I’m also not interested in what the forger John had to say.

  • My response to that would be that in 2020 he had the weakest campaign and still had the majority of voters rally behind him.

    The person with the second most support in the party is just as old and is continuing to endorse Biden.

    Anybody but Harris at the top of the ticket as a replacement means whoever gets the nomination will have a billion dollar deficit in running against Trump, meaning they have no shot at winning (seeing that they would be running against the only person in modern history who has won an election despite raising less money).

    If Biden’s mind is as bad as we think it is, Kamala has been acting as president. She’s been a fairly good president, all things considered.

    If Biden can’t win this, nobody in the roster can.