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  • Thing is, Sony aren’t even putting out that many bangers. Certainly not by the standards of last generation.

    But that’s the problem. Last generation was pivotal for the switch from physical media to digital, which means that anyone buying a new system is going to buy an updated version of their last gen system. Which was a PS4, because Microsoft completely fucked it last generation. Even with this gen’s disappointing games, baffling lack of focus, poor messaging, and bizarre management decisions, they’d probably be in a much stronger position if they’d made a product that people actually wanted to buy last generation, because more folks would already be invested in the ecosystem.

  • The problem you’ve got is that the two lists that you’re looking at are ones with concrete release dates, and we’re currently in the period of the year where the release dates are the hardest to come by. Basically everyone’s either just started their fiscal Q1 and so have a completely clear slate, or like Microsoft have just started their Fiscal Q4 which means all they’ve got left on the slate are the delayed stragglers.