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  • I was very susceptible to such groups when I was younger, I realize now that it’s simply easier to be against everything than it is to have real convictions. If we acknowledge a solution exists that requires sacrifice and hardwork then we’re kinda stuck having to get involved in it…

    If we can imagine ourselves outside and above society we can claim our ‘work’ is more important even if all we’re doing is exactly the things we enjoy like arguing online, playing with guns, going to protests, etc, etc. We’re fighting against a huge and powerful evil so like of course we haven’t got a proper job that would be supporting the machine!

    Conspiracy obsessives on the left and right may say different things but their lifestyles are incredibly similar, they’ll find endless excuses to dismiss the idea of being involved in anything constructive while role-playing as heros in a good vs evil battle that coincidentally requires them to live out their fantasies…

  • It’s tragic because a lot of these people aren’t just missing competent literacy but all the skills required to understand the world around them, and even worse often those ways of understanding have been replaced with religious nonsense by the people that raised them.

    Imagine trying to make sense of the world when you think scientists work like preachers and prophets simply saying whatever feels right or suits the moment.

  • It’s from a person named Demetri to the pope informing him that he has returned to earth, which I presume is crazy person speak for ‘I was born’

    He kinda says that because he is created by God and part of God that the pope works for him kinda.

    He requires a signature on a document, I think basically saying the pope agrees he was born and is now a person? The birth certificate covers the stated consequences of the popes’ decision to sign or not within the given 40-day window. I thought for a moment it said if the pope refuses ‘I taze’ but alas he said ‘take’ so no idea what was planned.

    He wants to use this signed document from the pope in official situations, especially to ‘prove’ he isn’t a normal citizen that has to pay taxes and license his car but is instead his own personal country that can do whatever he wants and gets free money for.no reason.

  • I love this app so much, also if you really get into it go to the open street map website and draw buildings, roads, etc to add missing places or update changes.

    I cleared my whole walkable area of questions then added all the houses and it populates new questions about house number, shop name, etc which I then went and filled out while walking round. In the zone around me the open source map is now by far the best free to access map, Google house numbers are completely random and no where has upto data shops.

    There’s also a lot of cool projects devoted to mapping under-served areas, especially in regions where aid workers need information or natural disasters have changed landscapes. You draw in roads, towns, farms, etc based on areal imagery.

  • Wait you’re sticking with that it actually happened not that you were joking? What f-tier journalism school did you go to? And they tested on the origin of the world news, already an insane thing to do to in a journalistic qualification, AND they expected a totally absurd and obviously false answer?

    Were you training to work at fox?