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  • I hate Netanyahu because he’s an asshole who has ensured the people of Palestine will never get the slightest solution to their crisis. I don’t hate Israel or it’s people, regardless of what anything I may have said on the fediverse in the past (it’s REALLY hard not to be absolutely furious that kids are just plain being slaughtered over what was probably some fucking “BuT tHaT wOmAn WaS sHoUlD mY wIfE!!1!!1!” that happened so long ago nobody remembers it, and I am truly sorry for any past comments that could be interpreted as some sort of justification of anti-semetic violence; I do not want harm to come to anyone innocent and am just glad I have not let those poorly-chosen words inform my actions in any way) and I definitely don’t hate any jews living outside of Israel because anyone who thinks an expat or second+ generation immigrant has any links to a foreign nation really is dangerously xenophobic.

    If I thought there was a better way to help the people caught between these two sides, I’d be saying it. Unfortunately, it seems this issue will likely be solved only if the US decides it has to intervene in some way, which is why I absolutely support charging that asshole with a war crime. I don’t like it one bit, but I have to repeat myself: The attempted extermination of the Gaza Strip, despite the sheer irony of it being so, is industrialized genocide or “destruction of humanity” - a.k.a a Holocaust - by the very definition of the word. We truly live in the most vile timeline imaginable.

  • Literally every other post on this page certainly helped me out. OP may be gone (no hard feelings for taking over this one after I deleted my own account, we clearly had too many OpenTTD communities in the fediverse) but it’s the reason I know I’ll be taking blocking of my own free will more seriously. If OP was too impatient, that’s one thing, but humanity as a whole has become so insufferable to anyone who is not on the “x-treme” fringes of politics (both right AND left) that your comment deserves every last one of the 15 downvotes (as of this writing) it got for you acting like if there was no blocklist that people don’t have feelings.

    I will be banning you from the community I do still run and if feddit.de’s OpenTTD community asks, I’ll recommend they ban you too, as you clearly feel no empathy nor care about the topic (the game OpenTTD, not the user OpenTTD who apparently named himself after the game and claimed this community sometime after I deleted my account on lemmy.zip) and you seem to have nothing to contribute on either front.

  • You misunderstood. I’m a power user… on Windows. I don’t have a choice but to switch to a Linux distro now, but I have found 3 different issues requiring use of the command line to fix over the course of trying to shift to linux over the past 6 months. I understand a command line, what I don’t know is the lingo. Without experience in that lingo, I literally cannot properly figure out many features I could access in windows purely using mouse and keyboard shortcuts, even if it meant navigating an extensive menu system.

    Now imagine someone who uses windows because they have dyslexia trying to use the command line. Or how about VR? If I’m understanding discussion from another site I frequent, Wayland or some other critical code for VR is not able to be handled by Linux and even if you run a windows install on the side it’s now going to be windows-fucking-11 bullshit until someone gets VR working on linux, and I do not have the coding knowledge to fix that myself because I don’t have 30 fucking years to become an expert in that shit. I’m not saying windows is good or that linux is bad, I’m saying this whole situation makes me want to fucking burn Redmond to the ground becausae it literally is holding my LIFE hostage. I live on the internet, I don’t interact with “reality” because I’m fucking sick of how things have unfolded over the past ~15 years (2008+) and if you force me to do so, I do in fact become physically violent. Don’t take away my circus or there won’t be anyone left to worship big brother, I’ll fucking kill you all.

  • I’m at the point that violent revolution would not worry me, corporations and the investors who ruined capitalism with demands for 25% return on investment need to be burned out of house and home. We have no other ideas, we need capitalism to work because otherwise we get Warsaw Pact levels of Orwellian dystopia or a damn feudal society, so fuck data farming, fuck investors, fuck finding new jobs. Just do a “silent strike” and when they tell the lot of you that you’re fired, say “Not unless you want that fire to spread. You hired us, you fucking pay us. We won’t just walk, we’ll take you down, so put up or no layoffs. Not when we’ve been abused for years as contractors. We’re fucking done with being threatened with hardship to cover for your mistakes.”

    The problem is that we’re legitimately in the middle of a class war, the wealthiest 0.01% are actually trying to create a world where everyone else is expendable.

  • I agree purely on a “cultural influence” level, as while I doubt CoD caused a school shooting, it seems the argument these grieving families are making is “CoD glorifies guns and gun culture, therefore this will send a message that gun culture is not acceptable and guns being admired is dangerous.” On that I feel that if they have to destroy an over monetized and creatively bankrupt game franchise to send a message that guns are not toys or fashion accessories, CoD’s continuation will not be missed by the majority of gamers.

    My only concern is that if they do succeed, that means anything can be censored in the US if it promotes cult-like behavior, which is too subjective to be properly defined without giving politicians another way to FUD people and thus does not solve the problem.

    That, and fuck those cops who caused the majority of the issue. At that point, grab kitchen knives, conceal them, go to a local police station, calmly say you want to report a crime, and when the cop comes out to ask, slit his throat and say “this is for the kids you killed”. I would not trust an American cop ever at this point, so if anyone from my own or any other country reads this, I’m not going to kill a cop because the RCMP are actually trustworthy and have ensured everyone’s safety. I’m not intending to incite actual violence, only stating that these families are targeting the wrong people and they’re probably doing it because they were told justice will never come because the fucking police wanted it that way.

  • I literally am furious at humanity in general. I took and take a series of bad luck in my life personally and want everyone else to suffer.

    I have literally decided that if there is any sort of revolution in my lifetime, I don’t care what the result is, only that I now have an opportunity to do to humanity what humanity did to me, and I will burn the resultant society to the ground because I hate you all and it’s personal.

    Either prove someone like me wrong, by proving humanity is generally good and I’m the bad guy, or lose everything when I destroy everything you worked towards. I am past caring about what you want, I only care about taking everything that everyone else truly values from them. If you are right about “people are not a good thing overall” then my murderous rage is justified.

  • I would rather be deluded to have escapism, I have always felt like reality is a prison to me and absolutely nothing has ever ruined my life quite like the abundance of anti-escapism in 2017. That, and I am a disabled person whose ability to socialize is further limited by a lack of nearby outlets for any sort of friendship. Screw reality, all I want is a future where my body doesn’t need bread, only circuses, but I’ll never have that so fuck all of you for telling me that wanting immortality is selfish even though I would make every effort to use such an advantage towards providing everyone with the same benefits and telling me I have to suffer in reality via Once Upon A Time, Twelve Forever, Gravity Falls, Inception, Undertale (or at least it’s fandom), His Dark Materials, Ready Player One, the list goes on.

    I am serious, anti-escapism was a godforsaken trend for years and combined with a quack psychiatrist whose medication drove me to insanity via 24/7 depression, it ruined my life (believe me, he was bad; I have a doctor’s note from my current pschatrist that the medication the previous doctor prescribed was not recommended for someone with ASD and that his professional opinion was that he considered my previous psychiatrist’s behavior to be medical malpractice, because the one I had been stuck with for years was unwilling to accept fault and provide one, and I had to move a long day’s drive away just to get adequate mental health coverage from the Canadian medical system in another province).

    I don’t give a shit anymore. Let me escape. You can’t tell me not to without going full 1984. You want the world to be better? I’m not stopping you but the moment you throw my “circus” of fiction that is unashamedly escapist out the window, I hate you all and I will have revenge. Whatever world you build next, dystopian or utopian? I will burn it to the fucking ground, and say "No. You took everything I cared about from me when I was so close to success, and my life is meaningless to me to the point I don’t care whether I live or die even though I am psychiatrically stable. All I care about now is that I will take everything everyone else cares about from all of you. You will not get to say you told anyone so about a dystopia, you will not get to build a utopia, you will fucking starve to death. You can’t just fix insanity with meds, it does permanent psychological damage, and so I will drive you all to insanity or death the moment you are this close to your ultimate goal. Enjoy knowing you created the Antichrist, all you fucking worthless over privileged, politically polarized, incompetent, shallowly opinionated, self-worshipping arrogant excuses for fuckwads. I will RUIN EVERYTHING FOR EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU.