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  • DRAIN (DRAIN STH in the US). Their singer quit after 2 albums. Excerpt from https://blabbermouth.net/news/former-drain-sth-drummer-martina-axen-featured-in-new-zinny-zan-music-video

    In a 2008 interview with Autona magazine, Axén stated about DRAIN STH’s decision to call it quits after only two albums: “Well, one of the reasons was that our singer decided to quit the band and the music business overall. We could have continued with somebody else singing, but were stuck in such bad deals with the record label that, basically, it seemed useless to keep on going. To get out of the deals, even after she quit, we had to sign a contract that we could not play together more than two of us at a time in any constellation (within five years) without the label considering it to be ‘DRAIN,’ meaning we would still be signed with them. It was unbelievable, because by then, Flavia [Canel, guitar] had already given up and quit too, and the label still wouldn’t let me and the bass player [Anna Kjellberg] go, saying that they considered us being the main songwriters. So me and the bass player signed the papers, got two tickets to Los Angeles the day after, and never went back.”