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  • Emony (the gymnast) appears prominently in the Discovery novel ‘Die Standing’ that tells MU Georgiou’s journey between seasons one and two.

    In the book, Emony had a covert identity as an operative for Starfleet Intelligence and was paired with Georgiou for a mission.

    So, I have been hoping that Emony might appear in the S31 event movie.

    While Chase Masterson’s Leeta took on Emony’s identity in the Trill zhian’tara ritual, there’s no reason to think she couldn’t be very different looking than Chase. So I am hoping Emony might be one of the yet-to-be-named female main characters.

  • I have to say that this makes me rather sad.

    Instead of drawing folks into the fandom tent with adjacent topics or broadening the discussion of established fans, it’s creating less conversation.

    I think that there’s a place for a ‘discuss the health of the instance’ conversation on a separate dedicated community, but also a Trek-adjacent general and open discussion. I consider Frakes’ career as a sci-fi director or the Paramount saga as adjacent.

    As long as it meets the norms of the instance in terms of civility, why not? Are the admins/mods truly being flooded with a high volume of spam from outside on Quarks?

    Last, I would like to note that without Quark’s being open, I doubt we’d have had the interest to create the Dr Who community. I think that it’s cool that it percolated up through the discussion.

  • Star Wars has been chained to ‘The Heroes Journey’ from the first movie.

    And unfortunately the hidden parentage thing is part and parcel of that ‘chosen one’ destiny along with mentors or parents being killed.

    I’m actually surprised and impressed that Dr Who has managed to reject that given how may screenwriters have been programmed to think that it’s the only way to write a compelling story.

    I’d be very happy if the new Star Trek shows would drop their dependence on the scaffold of The Heroes Journey. Sometimes, seems that they think this is the only option. (e.g. Hemmer had to die so Uhura could develop - Seriously?!!).

    Although, it does seem that Dal in Prodigy has been allowed to be his own unique genetically-engineered, parentless self. Just another way in which Prodigy has been a stand out show for this era.