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  • Ukraine doesn’t have combatants using their hospitals as bunkers.

    Hamas does use hospitals as bunkers for their combatants. This is actually a war crime. The reason it’s a war crime to station combatants in a hospital is because it makes the hospital a valid military target, which is bad for the civilian population.

    But Hamas doesn’t give a shit about the civilian population and puts their combatants in hospitals anyway. The goal is propaganda so they can get donations and the people that only want to hear one side of the story aren’t going to care about “little details” about Hamas war crimes. The leaders of Hamas living in Qatar are actual billionaires because they’ve monetized the suffering of Palestinians. But then so has TikTok, and this intercept site linked above which is making emotional pleas to get in on the donation action.

    Grifting off of Palestinian suffering is getting to be a big business now.

  • Or maybe some of us don’t look at democracy from the perspective of a spreadsheet and understand power dynamics are more relevant.

    Proportional representation gives too much power to political parties (the parties own the seats instead of representatives of communites) and results in backroom deals to form coalitions which can result in zero representation for minority groups.

    See Israel for example. Right wing party has to keep far right crazies on their side to maintain power. Hooray for proportional representation!

    The reality is a Community Representation system is the one that’s too difficult for the peasants to understand. Which is why some people want bad systems like Proportional Representation.

  • It’s basically impossible to keep something like this a secret. The pilots have been in training a long time and they’re not just sending planes, but also the means to maintain them.

    Besides there are dangers in keeping it secret. Having F-16s suddenly doing attack runs on the Russian military out of nowhere could result in the Kremlin coming to the wrong conclusions.

  • A prequel is an automatic retcon. There will always be questions like “why didn’t they have that thing in the stories that take place afterwards?”

    Besides, backstories are meant to be imagined by the audience. As soon as you decide to make a prequel you’re choosing to create cognitive dissonance for the fans. When people have to choose the backstory they imagined vs. the backstory somoene else came up with and put on the screen, people are going to choose the backstory they imagined.

    Prequels are always bad for the fans, but the studios like them because it’s a lower barrier to entry for the non-fans.

  • Hamas is a fascist group that’s supplied with weapons by Iran that routinely fires rockets at civilians.

    Russia is a fascist country that’s supplied with weapons by Iran that routinely fires rockets at civilians.

    There are groups in the West that think Ukraine shouldn’t be supplied with weapons. There are groups in the west that think Israel shouldn’t be supplied with weapons.

    Both Ukraine and Israel is the target of a lot of propaganda. Main difference is Ukraine has won the propaganda war, while Israel has lost the propaganda war.

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    It’s one of those things wher eI’m sure it’s fine if you learn it. But it’s not DOS CMD, but also not bash.

    So instead of improving CMD to have more features or just going all the way and offering an official bash implementation, they want me to learn a third thing. Just don’t have time for it.