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  • This, exactly. We have a history of winning the popular vote and losing the election. We can argue about how terrible the EC is later, but that fact is not going to be changed before the election. We need to win the EC.

    Harris is a California Democrat. She will easily win the blue states that anyone with a “(D)” after their name would win, and she will almost certainly take the popular vote. But that isn’t enough to win a presidential election.

    Kelly is a unicorn. He is a Democrat that has the demonstrated ability to win in a red state. He will win any state that Harris will win, and he has a good chance at poaching enough voters to turn some otherwise red states competitive.

    Harris might squeak through a win if we are very, very lucky.

    Kelly will beat Trump like a rented redheaded stepmule.

  • I could have been a little bit clearer, but I used the same construction in both sentences, using “was” to refer to their previous status as officers, and describing the events of their presidential election process. The context of “malingering draft dodger” should have been enough of a clue that I was referring to someone other than Col. McSally.

    I did not neglect how to avoid the swift boating. GW and Kerry were both low level military officers, each accusing each other of having had poor military records. Both of them had sufficient military experience to make their criticisms credible, but neither had enough time in for their service records to prove or disprove the other’s claims.

    Trump has no military service. He’s already known as “Cadet Bone Spurs”. JD Vance has 4 years of service… As an enlisted reporter. Any attack they might try is only going to remind the voting public of their terrible military credentials.

  • What the Democrats need is someone who will get dems to the polls come election day.

    Democrats in contested states.

    We win the popularity contest, time and again, but because we keep picking blue-state Democrats, we keep losing elections.

    If we would ever pick a Democratic candidate who has actually won an election in a red state, the election would be a runaway landslide, and the GOP would have to come crawling left.

    Because we abandon the Red and contested states entirely, the GOP is free to run candidates like Trump.

  • Right, the most progressive candidate

    Exactly. She has to win not just in the deep blue progressive states. She also has to win the competitive states. She can’t just coast to a victory; She has to actually compete against Trump. ~~~~

    If “most progressive” was something that the swing states voted for, they wouldn’t be swing states; they would be blue. “Most progressive” will win her the popular vote, and lose the election. Just like it did with Hillary.

    Contrast with Mark Kelly, a solid blue candidate with a known record of being able to win in red states. Kelly would poach votes from Trump, turning the competitive states blue, and some of the red states competitive.