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  • South East Houston outside the loop. Closer to NASA but not quite. So it was pretty well in that path. Water was ankle deep from the flooding, but didn’t make it to my place.

    And I am at peace with it at this point. Those first two nights before I jerryrigged something to get a window unit to work really were like a heat induced soul quest. Between that and raging with my fellow houstonians on X and trying to radicalize them, it’s been an interesting experience.

    I very much appreciate the offer, but there are people far worse off currently than I am. If you do feel so inclined, make a donation to a beneficial charity to help the old folks out! I’m 30. I can take it. Plenty in this city can’t.

  • Nope! CenterPoint is still pissing away all our time and I can see the fuse blown on the damn pole that’s keeping my power off.

    Thankfully, I have some mitigation for the heat, but it’s been rough! Today was the first day any of the gas stations near me had any power to even pump gas.

    Thanks for asking!