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  • Denial of hospitality is not the same as a punishment. Speak to US soldiers stationed on Okinawa and you’ll hear similar sentiments from the locals towards them

    Saying “I don’t want to offer room and board to a IDF soldier who may have been in Gaza” isn’t a big leap for Japanese society, they’ve apologized for and reckoned with their imperialist past and brutal ethnic cleansing, and generally as a nation actively pushed for peace and cooperation globally. Israel hasn’t done the same, and doesn’t work towards the same goal.

  • A thought I haven’t seen offered much, but could give Biden an ego-soothing role instead of being put out to political pasture - a Harris:Biden ticket.

    She gets to be the energetic go-getter at the front (that the Maga hate-oil salesmen are shrieking about atm) while Biden can play the ‘elder statesman’ role of advice and experience to Kamala instead of running himself. You defuse a lot of the competency/decline arguments against Biden, and gird against one of Harris’s biggest threats - her lack of international experience.

    Kamala is not a political unknown, but Biden is losing/equal right now to Trump with the DNC money & publicity machine working for him the last eight years. I’d argue Harris has a better shot if those efforts are swung her way. I don’t like Harris, but needn’t convince me to vote team blue - it’s the ~9% undecided we need to convince.

  • Correct. Dress it up however you like, but LLM and ML programs are probability gamblers all the way down. We’re building a conversation tool, that doesn’t truly comprehend the language because it’s a calculator at its core - it’s like asking your eyeballs to see in UHF frequencies.

    They’re called “computers” for a reason, and we are deep in the myopic tech tree of further and further complexity. The current wave of AI has solid potential, but not globally for all applications. It is a great at ‘digital assistant’ roles and is already killing it in CCTV monitoring software. Mindjourney can make incredible images, but it can’t make art. ChatGPT can write, but it’s a terrible author or speechwriter.

  • I dislike his odds too, but if Joe isn’t bowing out, the only option left is a really ugly infight at the convention that miiiight lead to superdelegates coming into play if there’s a contested primary and the first round doesn’t deliver a clear nomination for Joe.

    Biden is too deep on his own “comeback kid” narrative to step down now that the donor class (mostly) got back in line, and the party apparatus sees the reality on the wall. There’s nobody but Joe, unless he wants there to be someone else, and “the lord almighty” hasn’t weighed in on his candidacy yet.

    I just really, really hope that this doesn’t affect downticket races and deliver a divided government in a Biden win, or a Republican majority otherwise. The Senate is a 19:11 seat Rep:Dem contest this cycle, and the rest are tossups.

  • The catch there is it makes the unqualified assumption the police are inclined to act against violent, seditionist MAGA garbage. And we know that’s not always the case.

    So you agree they’re a problem, no? The police are not going to stop them, just like they didn’t stop the people attacking college protestors on campus.

    But it’s also a different scenario than meth’d-up hillbillies in monster trucks with a glock in each hand and one between their teeth.

    Reductionism is a good way to understand the broad strokes, but it is disingenuous as fuck to claim that right wing domestic terrorism is solely drug addled hillbillies. You think the Patriot Front goons popping out of uHauls don’t have guns at home? That “we’re winning” because they got chased out of town once?

  • Breathe the copium deep, you might feel better.

    Ignore that the majority of military recruits come from rural, Republican zip codes. And that once they’re done, they return home to those areas.

    Ignore that for the last 6 years plus, that military kit like body armor, night vision, and ammo has either been unavailable or on/off multi-month back order.

    Ignore that there is a rising militia movement, and that numbers matter hugely, for both kinetic operations and more mundane goals like roadblocks or ‘holding territory’ to act within/from.

    Ignore how cartels in Mexico have proven a very hard nut to crack, despite the Army/Police having training and the cartels exploiting the poor and desperate with very little training or gear.

    But sure, Meal Team Six.

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    Source: I work in/with electronics manufacturers

    Tl; dr - a mix of value engineering and consumer preference. You wanna buy a $3k TV, or a $700 TV? How rock solid does your automatic sprinkler really need to be, compared to a satellite radio in the Sahel?

    Per IPC industry standards, there’s three classes of electronic workmanship/quality control used:

    • Class 1: It works, just about. Shoddy soldering is okay as long as connectivity is maintained. Passing a QA test may be as simple as “it runs when powered”. This is where most consumer grade stuff lives: calculators, watches, flashlights, etc.
    • Class 2: Better built with generally more QA. Testing usually involves actually checking for function and different modes. Generally used only on commercial/civil government stuff like traffic lights, power controllers, heavy machinery - anywhere where reliability and longevity is worth paying more for.
    • Class 3: Complete process control and 100% coverage function (and almost always) burn-in/stress test cycles. Top quality and cost, typically only used for military, aerospace, or medical - where stuff failing means people die.

  • America still has universal suffrage. They also get to vote, and treating them like knuckleheads only affirms the ‘coastal elites’ or ‘flyover country’ memes.

    So we can say “they’re too dumb to be informed voters” but they still get to be voters. Act accordingly and try to reach those who haven’t fallen too far down the rabbit hole, or the Republicans get to herd them all as a group

  • In the Venn diagram of “how fucked am I, personally, if Trump wins?”, they’re not the first, second, or even fifth group that gets murdered in a ditch by Christo-fascist militias. So upsetting the status quo is only seen as risking/actually hurting themselves today, over a possibly in the future. Any talk of “divisiveness” is milquetoast dereliction, the MAGA fringe are not honest negotiators.

    They’re not actual allies, they’re fair weather friends. For all the rhetoric of “resist” that was thrown about in early 2016, I saw a lot of pink pussy hats and very little black-block. Politics is still a game to them, the stakes aren’t real. Yet.

  • Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in a statement that the case raises “difficult questions about the adequacy of current postconviction remedies to correct a conviction secured by what we now know was faulty science.”

    At least Sotomayor had the decency to comment with a denial, but the rationale is confusing

    the constitutional question raised by McCrory has not “percolated sufficiently in the lower courts.” But she urged state and federal lawmakers to establish paths for inmates to challenge “wrongful convictions that rest on repudiated forensic testimony.”

    It’s a judicial issue, dealing with evidentiary criteria within courtrooms. How much more ‘in your lane’ does it have to be? If it was challenged to SCotUS on appeal, surely that has “percolated sufficiently in the lower courts.” no?

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    There few things more painful than seeing your boss struggle through something you know intimately, but because of ego and hierarchy you can’t hand-hold them in front of everyone. Until they finally stumble through and declare proudly “Hah, that was easy!”

    …It was a hidden column Jeremy, not someone else’s VBA code without comments you have to repair.