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  • Just finished Gunpoint - it’s a fairly nifty puzzler about a somewhat goofy private eye with cybernetic frog pants and ability to rewire building electronics with his mind. The soundtrack is odd mix of noir-jazzy electronica, and it slaps.

    And right after I felt nostalgic, so I started scummvm and booted up Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist. Did not remember laborious the start of the game is with what is essentially copy protection - mixing medicines to order. Beyond the copy protection shenanigans, the game is a Sierra-game through and through: vga visuals are neat, voice acting is goofy but well made, instant deaths… Though the game isn’t as malicious as some early Sierra games.

  • nvidia user here, made a “soft switch” to linux some time ago, and got to say the current 555 series drivers made a world of a difference. Most games just work.

    Haven’t made a full switch due doubts with music and video production stuff. But, slowly testing my way in and dualbooting between OS’s in the meantime

  • how about somewhat proggy folky metal with death/black/power metal thrown in? Moonsorrow. Orchestral… not really, but melodic with mouth harps, fiddles, etc folk instruments & 8-30 min per song, mostly about iron age pagan tribe’s battles, lore and life. All of the songs in finnish tho, so some language barrier.

    Other than that, I’d probably go with Avantasia, Rhapsody, and such. Can’t beat the classics :)

  • not really sure what I’d categorize Moonsorrow as… I guess their earlier stuff has “some” overlap with powermetal, but only kinda, mostly about “iron age pagan tribe warfare/battles/life” tho. Albums I’m thinking of are “Voimasta ja Kunniasta” and “Kivenkantaja”, the newer stuff starts to veer towards blackmetal and more about death and despair, even if the frame of reference stays same-ish.

  • For the most part: Important everyday bookmarks go to the bookmark-toolbar directly, everything else goes to few top-level directories in bookmark toobar: games, software, hardware, wishlist, media, work

    the directories are then further sectioned into subfolders, eg games->gamename and so forth.

    Sometimes I do wish the directories would just automatically alphabetize themselves, but oh well.