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  • Sure, but my experience was that there are next to no bags that will blow your mind with these. They tend to be tours through a sort of pleasant mediocrity. Have tried Atlas, misto, and bean box. Let us know in a few months if you are loving this one though. Has not been on my radar. I’m just skeptical of the whole business model lacking incentive to give you really good beans without pretty severely overcharging. I mostly buy from local roasters but also like to find other people’s local roasters that have free shipping options to branch out. I’d love to make a website that keeps a list of these hidden gem roasters that have free or very discounted shipping costs but don’t have the time to maintain that myself.

  • Sounds like an interesting subscription service tbh. I used to like these, and love the idea of someone surprising me with really good beans I might not have ever found or decided to buy myself. I feel like a lot of my purchases are pretty wild guesses anyway. However, for these bigger services (which frankly do have the greatest variety) its been my experience that quality is or becomes somewhat suspect. When they have your dollar committed on a subscription, how hard are they going to work to find you the very best beans? If you are paying $20 a month for 12ozs are they going to sometimes send you one that’s worth $24 and sometimes one that’s worth $18? It’s my impression that what you get for that $20 is usually a $15 or a $17 bag. Not to poop on anyone’s parade, but I have gotten many more mehs than wows out of these. Subscriptions from individual roasters are different, those just amount to a tour through their inventory which can be fun but relatively short lived and you end up getting a few bags that you probably would have known we’re not your taste if you just manually went through and ordered things as needed. I will say these services do make great gifts though. Buy someone that likes coffee but isn’t really “into” coffee an affordable conical burr and a subscription like this and before you know it they might be here chatting with us snobby bastards.

  • Alexa skill store is a “prime” example of Amazon’s we don’t give a shit attitude. For years they’ve turned their back on third party developers by limiting skill integration. A well designed skill on that store gets a two star rating. When everything in your app store is total shit - maybe the problem is you Amazon?! It’s been like that for years ; I completely avoid using skills as they only lead to frustration.

    LLM integration into an Alexa device could be a big improvement, but current speed performance at that scale seems concerning that we’d get a laggy or very dumbed down system. Frankly Id be happy if Alexa could just grasp the concept of synonyms and also have the ability to attempt second guess interpretations of speech comprehension rather than assume user has just asked the exact same question in rapid succession but with a more frustrated tone.