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Needlesearch sounds like a website for seeking a buddy to shoot heroin with. As for the logo, maybe a haystack with a big needle?

I love the project idea, wanted to do something like this myself for ages. Although it’s just a matter of time until someone writes themselves a bot…

A Fedora is cool, but have you tried a Trilby?

I really like dnf as package manager, it’s fast and it can resolve really borked installations. Flatpak also works well there.

Still use it on my Laptop since I couldn’t be bothered to switch to the more stable Debian, but Fedora seems to ‘just work’. As soon as there’s a problem upgrading to the latest version I’ll ditch it for Debian.

However, on my Desktop I tried Fedora and switched to Arch because it’s more bleeding edge. I need those new mesa drivers without resorting to a COPR…

Easy, just launch 240 space telescopes with SpaceX for lots of money to counteract this. Or one giant satellite with a fat laser to take down all of the other satellites. Pretend someone hacked you so you don’t go to jail.

That’s not what I meant. Hardware manufacturers often cite their chip design as a reason for why they don’t release their driver software. Someone could reverse engineer the functions of the software and see what the hardware does, then replicate it.

Especially for proprietary tech like RTX, DLSS and G-Sync (which are more and more becoming FOSS anyway, e.g. FSR and Freesync 2.0), the chip makers fear they might lose the miniscule competitive advantage they gain by obscuring their code.

Because for readers of the post title, the creator is probably more important than the hosting platform. ‘Invidious’ is irrelevant for the post title.

It feels like yesterday where v1.0 came out after years of v0.92. It keeps getting better and better!

Sadly it’s still not on par with Adobe Illustrator (even CS2) in terms of usability. I think they should revamp the context aware menu system so you don’t always see all of the options, which is a bit overwhelming.

The merging of common settings in one dialog which this version brings is a good step in the right direction.

You can have capitalism without intellectual property. You can pay for stuff even though there are ripoffs. Maybe because the quality is better.

Which proves the rest of your point, but you actually make that in favor of capitalism by saying there’s competition people would value.

Can you please replace ‘Invidious’ with ‘Mental Outlaw’ in the title?

AMD even supports many more models than Nvidia. They didn’t do it after years and years of pressure and Linus’ middle finger, but because they can and they still are competitive.

Even though Nvidia always claimed other companies would rip off their hardware if they gave away their secrets in software…

Why is that a problem? How does software hosted on github differ from software hosted elsewhere?

You should probably have a look at basic math if you want to buy cryptocurrency.

What does ‘the price of bitcoin doubles’ mean?

It’s a meta analysis of 15 srudies. And studies are what ‘it is known’ is based on in the scientific community.

Sure, many things are ‘common knowledge’, but think of scientists as mythbusters with a more rigid method. Sometimes they find out that the myths are confirmed ;)

You should be able to just open twitch VOD links with https://mpv.io.

Because you can make more money when you sell new hardware every other year. And there’s no standardisation.

In half of the article Lunduke is jerking himself off. There’s no supporting evidence of his claims. In the past, he also did some very questionable things. If you look at Twitter, he seems to have went a little crazy since COVID was a thing.

Back in Lunduke’s ‘Linux sucks’ days I was a supporter, even fan. But as soon as I found out what an otherwise insufferable person he is, I stopped.

That said, I don’t believe this story unless there’s some hard evidence. Religious freedom in Germany is taken very seriously.

Vessels continue to pollute the world’s oceans with oily wastewater. A DW investigation shows how seafarers circumvent environmental laws to save time and money, with devastating effects…


Was zum Fick ist mit dem Strompreis los?

Ich bin umgezogen und habe ein “Angebot” bekommen, für 0,81€/kWh Strom zu beziehen. Was geht da ab? Also die Hälfte davon wäre ja schon Wucher……


What are your most useful posessions?

What things do you use the most which made your life more bearable? Where did you get it?..


Keep in mind companies can still track you through fingerprinting, e.g. your browser window size. …