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  • Anyone’s use of a label does not invalidate your label or mean you need to adopt a new one. Hating a label because it broadly overlaps with your label is gatekeeping labels. It’s okay, however, to hate people who try to force a label on you, because that behavior isn’t ever acceptable.

    In the bi community we are constantly having this discussion over bi vs. pan vs. poly vs. omni and the answer is and always has been “these all broadly overlap but the difference is important to some”. Use the label which you like, which you feel describes you, and if someone makes an assumption well that’s on them. If your definition of the label doesn’t align with the current societal definition, that’s okay too! These are all made up words to describe abstract definitions and they are socially defined, which means they aren’t precise- they are meant to capture broad areas of overlapping micro-identities. You can always use clarifying language to explain what the label means to you, or where you sit in the spectrum of the label when it’s important to a conversation.

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    Dropping this in the chat community because I’m not sure at this point whether it warrants a formal philosophy doc. Not opposed to cleaning it up and adding it to the documents in the future, but mostly wanted to address what happened recently in LGBTQ+ and make a few things as clear as possible

  • Just got back from EDC, which is the biggest EDM festival in the states. They had so much more DnB this year! I normally am fairly proud of the amount of exercise I get in, but I’m pretty sure I went even harder this year than any previous one. On one of the three days my watch said I spent 4.5 hours of the day with my heart rate in the fat burning zone and 7.5 hours in the cardio zone, netting me 7700 calories burned 😂 I averaged around 4 hours of sleep a night and about 1 meal a day so my body is definitely in recovery mode right now, hoping to get a solid night of sleep now that I’m home and hopefully the change of weather and scenery will help clear up the asthma. But I’m definitely feeling very grateful and fulfilled right now 🥰

  • I don’t think that someone’s behavior choice is comparable to their clothing choice

    I completely agree, but victim blaming across choices and especially towards women and POC individuals is part of the reason we have really shitty reporting of fraudsters. Creating an environment which discourages them from speaking up is harmful to society as a whole.

    everyone in this case is trying to take advantage of someone

    We don’t know this, and we shouldn’t assume this of the victim. I think it’s a reasonable hypothesis, but focusing on talking about the victim here when there are actors which are clearly out to harm or take advantage of others is harmful framing. If this is a discussion you wish to have, I personally believe the appropriate framing is necessary - we must acknowledge the existing structure of power and how it silences certain people and also blames them before talking about potentially problematic behavior. But even then, it’s kind of jumping to conclusions about the victim here and I’m not so certain it’s a discussion that should even be entertained.