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  • What was their reason for actually trying to hang Mike Pence? I remember hearing people joke that Mike Pence was Trump’s insurance against being shot because then Mike Pence would become president, who apparently was worse because apparently he supports electroshock therapy for gay people (which yeah, that’s reprehensible if true), but somehow he ended up leaving office looking reasonable because of what Trump did?

  • If we aren’t accountable for our sin, then Jesus would have never had to die for us. God could have just had Satan pay the price instead.

    I have thought about the odin argument, but I find all other religions and belief systems less compelling than Christianity, which is why I chose to become a Christian.

    Runic writing is not the ability to intentionally commit evil. So that story falls apart. And if God refuses us to gain knowledge, He would have never given us the choice on whether or not to commit evil.

    We don’t harm people because we have a moral compass. For example, the Nazis had to desensitise people to violence in order to have them commit atrocities. So we all have fundamental morality. I believe that everyone has one because that is our knowledge of good and evil. Because God exists, right and wrong exist, and we know the difference. So it doesn’t matter what religion (or lack of) you follow, that knowledge is there. In the same way, people who deny climate change are still affected by it- because believing in something or not believing doesn’t make it more or less real. So believing in God or not doesn’t make God, and the difference of good and evil any less real. So it makes perfect sense why plenty of Atheists are good, moral people.

    As for heaven and hell, good works doesn’t get you into heaven. There are people who are far better people than me who are in hell, because they trusted in their works. Accepting God’s perfect sacrifice does.

  • The original discussion wasn’t about accountability - the original discussion was you were trying to claim Satan was some form of cool rebel, essentially Hazbin Hotel level theology. And I pointed out that rebelling against God isn’t a good thing. Trying to justify your wrong by blaming satan doesn’t justify it- because we choose to follow Satan in rebelling against God. Sin is NEVER justified. It’s what nailed Jesus to the cross.

    Its this insulting and self excusing bullshit that makes so many athists consider Christianity and Christians fucking evil.

    And I’d say those atheists are bigoted.