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  • Legit used to have a friend who was like this. He’d always apologize for being an inconvenience - eating my food and opening windows while the AC was on. Like I liked his company and he’d play games with the guys. But after awhile it was like “ok man it’s been a year, 3 years, 5 years you need a job you can’t just live at home no income” But he wouldn’t change anything. No job or friends outside of us. After a few years it hit a point where I couldn’t afford it anymore. Roomate and I had a sit down with him, said “alright bud shape up or ship out we can’t do this anymore”. Hooked up the computer so he could job hunt and left for 2 days. Came back and checked the history - 16 episodes of DBZ watched, 2 jobs applied for. And that was the end of the friendship.

  • Stuff like this outage is upsetting because it reinforces these mentalities of using outdated stuff at a corporate level.

    Like sure it looks good right now when everything is borked, but companies running 32 year old operating systems is why it takes me 5-10 business days to get money back for overpaying a prepay on gas. Or I can’t just pay my online bills and post, they need 4-6 days to post. Not just software mainframes either, my workplace hands out 6 year old dell workstations, with windows 10 forced onto it, so they chug and struggle because win10 is eating all 2gb of ram, wanting more, and running like ass all because some penny pincher doesn’t want to upgrade.