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  • My recipe is as follows :

    -100ish grams of onion,carrot, celery and olive oil.

    • two big cans of san marzano (about 3liters)
    • 10 g of salt
    • basil to your taste.

    I pulverize the onion,carrot and celery with the olive oil until it makes a yellow paste. The goal is to have the same consistency as the grinded tomatoes.

    I cook the paste until the water is evaporated.

    I use a small hand grinder to grind the tomatoes in the can, then add it to the paste.

    I let it cook uncovered for about 45 mins to an hour. I do the white plate test where you take a small spoon of sauce, put it in the plate and angle the plate. If you see water running down the plate, then it still need some cooking.

    Once the sauce stick to the plate and the water doesn’t run down, then I add the salt and cover the sauce. I let it simmer for another 30-40 mins.

    After that, I cut my basil in big chunks with my hands and put it in the hot sauce. Add basil to your taste.

    This is my favorite recipe i’ve found so far.