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  • Wife and I are in a hospital waiting room yesterday for her appointment. This ditz across from us has her phone on what seemed like max volume watching some garbage about drinking this magic potion and losing 19 pounds with no effort.

    She’s completely oblivious to us, just keeps watching at max volume. After staring at her for about 30 seconds and getting no reaction I finally not-so-nicely ask her to either put on her headphones or turn the crap off as I don’t want to hear it. She quickly shuts off whatever it was she was watching.

    Seems like so many people have sadly lost all decorum on how to behave in public. Yes, I’m old but so was she!

  • Amazing Ribs is an excellent website. Lots of great info.

    Some of my YouTube follows I’ve found helpful:

    Mad Scientist BBQ Malcom Reed, HowToBBQRight Ash Kickin’ BBQ Meat Church BBQ American Smoke (he started using a Pit Boss vertical smoker like mine) Chuds BBQ Smoke Trails BBQ (he’s a bit of a character and has an unhealthy attraction to Aaron Franklin, but has some entertaining content).

    They all go through prep to varying degrees. Some use pellet grills, most use stick burners, some charcoal. Jirby from Goldee’s BBQ has some stick burner fire management content on his YouTube site, as does Mad Scientist. Chums might too.

    I’ve found a lot of “stuff” really isn’t needed to get started. Gloves have been very helpful (I like to use cotton gloves with disposable gloves over them), spray bottle to spritz, and a good instant read thermometer. A good sharp boning knife for trimming. A good slicing knife for cutting done ribs. A notebook to take notes of your cooks so you can track what worked and didn’t work. Maybe disposable cutting boards, nice but not needed. Sure you have a decent cutting board in the house.

    Keep asking questions, it’s how we all learn. I didn’t have anyone in my life either to get me going in smoking and I’m moving along OK thanks to the community.

  • In my opinion, sure.

    What should be recognized is the pace of play, both for your playing partners and others behind you. Figure 4-4.5 hours for 18 holes with a foursome.

    Pace of play article:


    When you’re just starting out, I wouldn’t even bother keeping score. I don’t right now. We’re just not good enough for that quite yet. When you can start shooting bogie or par on some holes, then maybe start keeping score. I shot par and bogie on two par 4’s, 341 yard and 442 yard respectively, earlier this week so I’m getting there.

    I’m just coming back to the game after 20+ years and wasn’t all that great back then being honest. Right now I pick my ball up all the time to keep up with my partners. Let’s face it, I’m just practicing on the course. And it is so different on the course from hitting balls on the range.

    Lessons are a great idea. Start out right and don’t learn bad habits. I did the same thing.