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  • I’m having the opposite problem, my background is with Oracle (pl/sql,forms,reports, APEX) and most job offers I get are for junior/intermediate, but I’m a senior dev. And being in Quebec City, most jobs are government contracts, so lowest bidders. So getting a decent pay is rough, but I did get lucky.

  • I’ve been playing Project Zomboid and Farming Simulator 22 with my friends. Both great games, Zomboid is a hard game, until you start grasping all the mechanics, then it becomes a game of how long you will survive instead of surviving your first 2-3 days :)

    and Farming Simulator is my drinking game, the game is chill, you get on discord with some friends and you can talk about anything and everything, cause you’re mostly driving in straight line. Pop open a beer and enjoy (keep going in straight lines)

  • To me this expansion was one of my favorite to date.

    People keep complaining about asset reuse, but you know what they made it for inside the story. Map 1 are fractals, so slices of history brought back.

    No new mechanic? But making map traversal use the skyscale, and using all the tools available to the skyscale is pretty new.

    But to me it’s the story. I felt I connected more to the characters in this expansion than the others. They gave them a purpose some backstory, and if you were scared of reading there was plenty to learn from all the books and journal lying around.