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  • One thing that I love from this thread…the number of conservative trolls. They are fucking terrified that Biden is going to win. So bad that they are pushing this absolute bullshit of doubt and worry about Biden.

    Anyone that’s actually paying attention to Biden knows that the dude has been getting shit done even with a stalled congress. Any one that’s even remotely paying attention to the election is literally not going to elect a fascist, and people are absolutely starting to pay attention. Look at the Project 2025 bullshit. Look at how much people are starting to realize how fucking serious this is. Even Trump has desperately tried to distance himself from it, and can’t seem to keep dodging now that speeches and videos of him talking about it starting to surface.

    Bidens okay. Democrats have backed him. He’s not dropping out.

  • Can someone explain these disc chips to me? Is it hundreds or thousands of individual chips that get cut from the disc and installed somewhere? Or is that disc the entire chip? It looks like the patterns repetitive so it makes me think it is a mass-produced small chip.

    Also, a follow-up, how are the chips actually cut from the desks? Are they laser cut? Punched out? Wire EDM? I would imagine that precision is absolutely crucial.

  • He gave them $1,600 in stimulus checks. Some of the poorer people think he’ll make things more affordable for people, lower costs, make crypto better, and essentially just rain down money. They have to think of their families future, and apparently they think Trump will do that. They don’t care what he’s done, he’s a means to an end, and if they can wrap an American flag around him, profess him the new Messiah, and ban abortions to do it, they will.

    Republicans are either extremely ignorant or they just lack any and all empathy. They get their news from Fox that shields them from the truth, and they live in constant fear of blood-drinking evil liberals, illegal racist/murderer aliens, and that their money is being stolen from them by undesirables that feed off the system.

    Their entire world view is a facade to make rich people richer and their ignorance of that makes them expendable pawns. It’d be comical if it wasn’t so tragic…