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  • “There isn’t a Republican party anymore” is a ludicrous thought. You really think all these conservatives are going to roll over and let Democrats actually win like that?

    Conservative Christians are indoctrinated very deeply and reinforce that strongly in social settings. You can change perspectives over time, but they ain’t gonna watch 70% of the population vote in a swarm of Democrats without screaming “fraud”

  • Idk man, there were real communities where folks knew each other back then. There’s very little of that anymore because moderating those subs is a thankless full time job and the rest got massive. /r/CripplingAlcoholism is a good example - back around 2010 it was a close-knit group of drunks, by 2018 or so it was just a swamp.

    /r/CenturyClub and the related subs were some of the best places on the internet back ~15 years ago. I deleted my old account that was in it ages ago and haven’t bothered rejoining since I passed the threshold, but even what, 8 years ago when I did that it was already way different.

    Game subreddits went way downhill, too.

    The overall quality of the site is much worse than it used to be.