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  • I’m going to go with the X-Files. Although I was going to say The Sopranos because when it first came out it was like no one had ever made good TV before and they were showing everyone else how to do it. But I have rewatched X-Files way more than the sopranos (I have a few times, but the last couple of times I kind of skipped over the therapy sessions to get to the rest of the show). The seasons were long enough that they could keep a main story going, and then allow the characters to develop more fully in these little side quests with other interesting characters. The chemistry between Duchovny and Anderson was perfect, the writing was extremely compelling, and they did a really wonderful job with story arcs. Also, it’s mostly filmed in Vancouver in the 90s and I have fond memories of that town in that time. Continuum is another favourite for that same reason. But yeah, the X-Files. Currently at season 7 in another rewatch and still loving it.

  • Crazy, isn’t it?

    During his presidency, Obama approved the use of 563 drone strikes that killed approximately 3,797 people. In fact, Obama authorized 54 drone strikes alone in Pakistan during his first year in office. One of the first CIA drone strikes under President Obama was at a funeral, murdering as many as 41 Pakistani civilians. The following year, Obama led 128 CIA drone strikes in Pakistan that killed at least 89 civilians.


  • I have a love/hate relationship with my Bowers and Wilkins PX9s. They sound wonderful and they do an excellent job of cancelling noise. I tested against the Sony 1000X when I bought them and found the PX9s to have a more extensive soundstage and a rich, if somewhat bass-heavy tone. But these are my 2nd pair. I returned the 1st pair for the same reason you see in the picture. They’re so poorly designed that with regular use, the arms just break. Same thing happened to this pair, but they’re well past warranty so a bundle of Gorilla tape is holding them in place. Because of the way the arms curve backwards, one cannot lie down with these as the pads just start to flip open from the front. And speaking of pads, the oval shape makes it a GIANT pain in the ass for anyone with a somewhat larger ear, like myself. With all that said, they’re the ones I have so they’re the ones I use. I slap on my Grado SR325X when I get home, but open ear headphones just don’t work well out in the world, obviously. For better or worse, this is what I have for now.